Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Certain Romance

Modcloth Bernie Dexter Wizard of Awesome Dress

I love taking risks and trying new cuts when it comes to dresses, but nothing compares to a great fit and flare.  It's timeless and it flatters pretty much every body type.  I have so many fit and flares in my closet but I'd like to think each has their own special details.  This dress was on my Modcloth wishlist forever and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it!  I was obsessed with the neckline and how unique it was, plus the print is wonderful for pretty much any season.  After it was discounted a few times I finally had the courage to purchase it.  Good deals come to those who wait!

Modcloth Bernie Dexter Wizard of Awesome Dress




Dress- Modcloth (30%off!!)
Shoes- Zara
Belt- Forever 21
Bracelet- Swarovski

I'm almost eight weeks postpartum and I'm starting to feel normal again.  My body is becoming more recognizable and more dresses are zipping up comfortably everyday.  After going through a little bit of a sad period (just about me, not about Bianca) I've come through and started loving myself again.  I was always worried about postpartum depression but I never thought I would be feeling so down on myself.  As a mom I'm fulfilled with happiness, but as a person I was entirely sad and confused.  Things have cleared up and I'm glad I can say that I feel overjoyed with all aspects of my life.
Bianca is going to be two months old on Saturday and I can't believe it!  Time is really flying by.  She outgrew her smallest pajamas and upgraded from newborn diapers a few days ago.  It wasn't until then did I realize how I'd like her to be this size forever.  Everything happens so fast and I feel like I need to be present in every moment to savor it all.  I know that's not always possible but it keeps me in perspective.  I never knew I could love something so much so quickly :).


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