Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What's On My Radar: Current Loves

It's been quite a while since I've actually gone shopping so my list is a little longer than usual this month!  The warmer weather mixed with a nice tax refund has caused my eyes to wander a lot.  Here are my picks this month:

I can't think of one thing I don't like about this dress.  The cut is flattering, the print is gorgeous, and it has pockets!  I think this would be my perfect Easter dress.

Not going to lie, I carry a bright pink Hello Kitty diaper bag most times I leave the house.  But for those nights out with the girls or my husband, this would be the perfect handbag.  The optional shoulder strap is great, just in case I need an extra hand available to carry my shopping bags/baby ;).

This dress is perfection!  It's the perfect blue color and the embroidered flowers is such a great way to add texture.  I think it would look lovely with my favorite pair of red wedges.

I already own a Scotty dress, why not add a Scotty cardigan to the mix?  This is a great conversation piece, from far away it looks like a polka dot print.  It would be fun to pair a bright colored dress with this neutral but fun cardigan.

I don't think I could ever have enough white dresses.  Despite what ancient fashion rules might dictate, white is perfect in any season!  The full skirt definitely has my attention and the lace bodice has the right amount of femininity.

Please, just give it to me!  The print (of course), the ruffles, and the cut out back have me drooling!  This may be more suited for summer but I think I'd like to have it now :).

Floral is definitely one of my favorite prints but I don't own very much of it.  I think this skirt would be the perfect addition to my closet!

This dress is a little out of my price range, but it's on sale so it makes it that much easier to justify.  Obviously novelty print dresses are my favorite and this one falls perfectly in that category.  The cut is gorgeous!

What's on your wishlist this month?




  1. such fun picks! my favorite is that parrot print one -- for a moment, i thought they were pieces of fruit ha. definitely mistaken!

    xx, valerie at lily on fillmore

  2. I have a different version of the first dress, and I like it, but I wish the skirt was fuller! And also, I have that seagull print dress! Let me know if you want to borrow it (I thought I put it up for swaps, but if not, I will)!!

    xox Sammi

  3. Love that floral skater dress. Spring needs to come now!

  4. Got some lovely picks there!

    Check out my latest posts on Venoma's fashion diary
    XoXo Venoma

  5. These are all so Springy and you! And a LOT of them could work for Easter. Damn.. I didn't even think about my Easter outfit yet...

    xo Ashley

  6. That first dress is just gorgeous!! I would totally wear that.

  7. totally adore the floral skater dress a lots!! love the flattering and patterns on the dress..girl,you have great fashion sense!

    xo josephine

  8. You have quite the eye for some fabulous skirts and dresses. I can see you wearing all of these!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  9. I can so see you in all of these dresses but that blue on is so so so so good, I love it!!


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