Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Moment of Truth

I think now is a better time than ever to update you on my life.  Obviously a lot has changed since I had Bianca eleven weeks ago.  Going from a full time surgical tech to a full time mommy has been quite a difference.  Although I spend most of my days at home, I rarely get the same amount of tasks done as I did when I was working.  My life revolves around the needs of my baby, and while some days are much better than others, nothing is guaranteed!

For the last three years blogging has been a huge part of my life.  I've enjoyed showcasing my personal style and my life while getting to know about yours in the process.  Before I was pregnant and while I was living in Los Angeles, I had about four hours a day to focus on my blog.  I could take plenty of pictures, plan my posting schedule, and comment on my favorite blogs with no problem.  My time started diminishing when I moved to the suburbs and had an actual commute to and from work.  Now that I'm a mom I'm lucky if I even get to open my computer. I still get to read blogs thanks to my Bloglovin app, but by no means do I have time for much of anything else.

Initially I was a little depressed with the change.  I've always had a routine and the fact that I could no longer adhere to one was an eye opener.  I loved my three times a week posting schedule and it really bothered me when I didn't meet my personal quota.  I had to do a lot of thinking about what the future of this blog would be and I finally came up with something that would keep me happy.

Basically, I had to let everything go.  I'm not closing this blog, but I'm not going to stress myself to keep it relevant.  If I post three times a week, wonderful!  If I don't get to post at all one week, then no big deal.  I'm just focused on being present in my life outside the computer and enjoying these times with Bianca.  I still read blogs everyday (breastfeeding is the perfect time to do so) and keep myself in the know because I really enjoy that.  But I'm giving myself a lot of slack when it comes to updating here.

Until this mom thing gets a little easier (and she actually starts taking longer naps) I'll be posting here when I can.  So here's to going out and enjoying my life as a first time mom!  Hope you'll be able to stick with me during the process :)



P.S. I couldn't leave this without posting a few pictures of Bianca!




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