Monday, March 10, 2014

Distant Memories


I decided to take a few photos while playing dress up in the Betsey Johnson part of my closet a few weeks ago.  Part of me does this to see if they still fit (some do!) and the other part does it to feel pretty.  I love pretty much every dress she makes but it's not like you can wear them on the regular.  I'm partial to this one in particular.  It's so cute and sparkly!  It's the ultimate girly girl dress but I've never worn it out.  I'm hoping one day I can put this on to go to a tea party or something.  If not, it's going straight to Bianca when she gets older.  I can only hope she will embrace my style choices...



Shoes- UrbanOG (similar)

Now that I think of it, this dress actually has quite a story behind it.  A long time ago I dated someone pretty seriously.  While he was good to me, he went behind my back and was also dating someone else (I was young and stupid).  When I finally found out, I broke things off and immediately headed over to the mall for some retail therapy.  The result is this gorgeous dress.  Not going to lie, I felt a million times better after coming home with this beauty!  I take it as a good end to a bad time in my life.  Maybe that's why I have so many emotional ties to certain pieces of clothing?  Each one has their own story.



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  1. This is a gorgeous dress, I love the colour and the fit!! I have a few dresses that I wish I had more occasion to wear, but having them makes me so happy. Retail therapy after a breakup like that is seriously the best thing ever.

  2. Very pretty and very you indeed! I chopped my hair off after my last break up.

  3. love the story behind the dress and love that you'll be passing on your awesome clothes to your daughter!
    ladies in navy

  4. Love the dress! Now be honest, did you buy the easychair because the colour matches the dress so well? :p

    Amber Jade
    Fairytales and Following Trails

  5. I love Betsey's dresses- my friend bought one so similar to this a few years back for her engagement party.

  6. I love how each piece tells a story! It' part of what I love about having a vintage shop :) This dress is gorgeous and it looks extra pretty in the blue and green room!

  7. I Love Betsey, she is amazing!!!!! You look great, love that color on you!!! xoxo

  8. yo look amazing in it! hope you do find an occasion to wear this. maybe you can have a themed bday party for bianca and wear it!

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  9. What a fabulous dress! It's definitely over the top, but it's stunning and it doesn't hurt that it looks amazing on you too.

    That's a great story behind the dress as well. I find I have the same issue with getting rid of certain things...I know the clothing ISN'T the memory...but in a way, it is.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  10. You look stunning in this dress, the second photo of you is so good!! Bianca would be crazy not to love your style! I'm the same way with clothes for some reason I always remember how I was feeling when I bought them and how good it felt to have something new!

  11. you know what? you looked like cinderella in this dress...and i'm not kidding're so pretty in this blue..

    xo josephine

  12. Stunning. This is my dream dress with the beautiful ruffles and lovely colour. I'd do anything for a betsey Johnson dress. I fell in love with the brand through fashion blogging where I started to see all the gorgeous dresses

  13. Gorgeous dress! I can relate to that, I always associate my clothes with a story and that is why is so hard for me to give up my clothes although I don't have no where to put them.

  14. That is a great story and a wonderful dress. I can see why it makes you feel like a princess.

    I have 2 of her dresses and they can be challenging to wear.


  15. This has always been one of my fav Betsey dresses. I would wear this all the time! Why didn't we have a tea party when Jess & I were in LA? You have enough tea party dresses for all of us, haha. When Bianca grows up this dress will be a true vintage gem! Ah, what a lucky little gal. This dress also looks beautiful on you & I love the indoor photos!

  16. The lighting and the colors in that room look great! Amazing dress!

  17. what!? You should totally wear this out! just wear it out shopping tomorrow, or anything, really. you look gorgeous in it & you can just wear casual shoes & use it as an out to dinner dress or whatnot. it's a pity to just leave it in the closet.


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