Sunday, February 17, 2013

Into The White


Here is another example of how I take my summer dresses into colder weather.  I know some of you are dealing with crazy amounts of snow at the moment but 60 degree weather is pretty cold for me!  Adding a cardigan and some tights is the recipe for warming up any summer dress so I'm not even going to pretend I'm some kind of genius.  Although I'd like to think so!  It's actually quite funny because by the time I post this the weather will be in the 80's and this outfit will no longer be appropriate for today.  But that's the wonderful thing about southern California, the weather can go from horribly cold to pseudo summer in just a few days.



dotdress3 dotdress

Dress- Delia's (remixed)
Cardigan- Forever 21
Tights- Target
Shoes- Ruche
Belt- Forever 21

This cardigan is actually pretty old.  I've had it for a few years and I've probably worn it about five times.  I think I forget about it and then I somehow fall in love with it again... For about a minute.  This particular minute I loved how it looked with polka dots.  But we'll see how I feel about it later :)
Make sure to come back tomorrow because I'm showing you some of my wedding photos!  I was unsure whether I would post them or not, but since so many of you were curious I decided to do so.  I hope you enjoy a (rare) private look into my wedding.  And if you can't wait until then, the Ruche website has posted a few pictures on their blog HERE.

P.S. I finally got my own domain!  You can now find my blog at!

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