Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Let It Be


 Okay so remember that time I told you I was going to dye my hair back to my natural shade?  Well, it didn't quite work out.  As it turns out, dying your hair bright red at a salon (as well as weekly treatments at home) can make that pretty difficult.  Five hours later we got my hair a nice auburn color.   It isn't quite my natural color, but I need to give my hair a break so I can eventually go back.  I love red hair anyway so I can't even say that I'm bummed!
I also want to mention that my Modcloth modeling debut is up!  I wore fifteen different pieces ten different ways.  It was such a wonderful experience and you can check it out by clicking HERE.






Dress- Modcloth (remixed)
Cardigan- Forever 21
Tights- Modcloth
Shoes- Target
Belt- Forever 21
Bag- c/o Debshops
Hat- Forever 21

This dress is definitely a favorite of mine.  You may have seen this on Flock Together earlier this month when the girls and I did a stripes challenge.  Naturally, I wanted to pair stripes with lots of bright colors.  I was especially excited to incorporate my new clutch from Deb Shops.  I've always wanted to own an envelope clutch and I love this color so much.  How do you like to wear stripes?



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