Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What's On My Radar: Current Loves

I'm happy to say that I've avoided shopping all month.  I'm surprised that I have such strong willpower!  Of course, I always have a wishlist a million miles long.  Who doesn't?  Here are my favorites this month:

Modcloth Yacht It All Dress
This dress immediately caught my eye, probably because it looks like two pieces.  I love the combination of vertical and horizontal stripes.  It is definitely a showstopper!

gojane jelly ballet flats
I'm one of those people who is happy that jellies came back around.  Add an insane amount of glitter and a cute bow and they go right to the top of my wishlist.  They also come in three other colors.

Modcloth Belle at the Reception Dress
No joke, this is pretty much the most beautiful dress I've ever seen.  It looks like the perfect 50's homecoming dress.  The crossed off the shoulder neckline is so pretty and I adore the full skirt.  I absolutely need this!

gojane striped ball clutch
Such a cute clutch!  I've always been attracted to stripes and this is no exception.  This is the perfect bag for a wedding or a night out with my husband.

Modcloth Dreamy Day Away Dress in Flourishes
I can't get enough of this cut.  It kind of reminds me of a Bernie Dexter, with the sweetheart neckline and the thick straps.  It gives a little sex appeal without feeling on display.  I'm all for any dress that lets me wear a regular bra, it's really important!

Gojane garden soiree pleated skirt
I really like these pieces together but I think they'd add so much more to my closet separately.  The skirt is gorgeous!  The top may be a little too exposed for me, but it's a great set regardless.

What's on your list this month?



Sunday, July 20, 2014

Island Dreaming

eShakti floral dress

Recently I was contacted by eShakti to do a review on one of their products.  As a self proclaimed dress hoarder, I was ecstatic to choose a new dress for summer.  It took me about two days to actually choose the one I want.  Seriously, there are way too many cute options!  I ultimately decided on this floral number.  Not very surprising, right?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

An Absolute Sweetheart

Bernie Dexter The Absolute Sweetheart Swing Dress Doily Print

I've been dying to announce this on the blog (I semi-announced it on Instagram) and today is the big day to do it: I've been chosen by Bernie Dexter to model some dresses for her website!  She so graciously sent me four gorgeous dresses and I've been around town taking pictures for her.  As I'm sure you already know, Bernie is such an inspiration for me.  She's beautiful on the inside and out and she designs my dream dresses.  I've had so much fun playing dress up and I get completely giddy when I see my images on her site.  I've already photographed two of her dresses which you can see on her website now.  I'll also be using them for outfit posts too.  This is the first of many Bernie themed posts :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

City and Sea

Mint tulle skirt

I happened to look back on some really old posts of mine and I noticed something: I never photograph my bags anymore!  I think the main reason is that I usually carry around a Hello Kitty diaper bag these days.  But on the rare occasion that I'm Bianca free, I love to dust off a cute bag and carry lipstick instead of diaper rash cream.  While I love this particular one, lipstick is about the only thing you can put into it.  It's cute though and we all know that cute trumps functionality!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Big Dress Debate: Bernie Dexter vs. Jenny

I've been dying to talk about this on my blog!  As someone who is doing their best to make less but higher quality purchases, I was worried about where to start.  When you save up to purchase a high quality piece, you want it to be perfect.  I've discussed this with a few other bloggers but there has been lots of debate between Bernie Dexter dresses and the one and only Jenny dress from Pinup Girl Clothing.  Which is best?  That's hard to say off the bat, but here are some points to consider if you're thinking about either of these dresses.

Bernie Dexter Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny

Both Bernie and Jenny get points in this department.  They're both made in the USA and they usually come in cotton.  The Jenny dress also comes in sateen which is an added bonus.  The fabrics are sturdy and breathable.

I'm going to give this one to the Jenny dress, only by a hair though.  The bodice is always boned and the straps are adjustable.  You can literally fit this dress to your liking.  To my knowledge (I could be wrong) none of Bernie's dress straps are adjustable.  Some of them do come with boning but not all.  If you need boning in your Bernie dress, make sure to check the description before you buy.

Again, Jenny by a hair!  Both offer sizes from XS-2XL.  Jenny wins because their sizing goes up to 4XL.

I would actually consider this personal preference, but Bernie wins it for me here.  Her dresses fit my frame to perfection.  I have a larger bust with a much smaller waist and Bernie's dresses definitely cater to that frame.  I consider myself between sizes in the Jenny dress.  I end up going with the larger size for my chest, but I feel like there is a bit of extra fabric in the waist.  It's minor and nothing a tailor or a belt won't fix, but if we're splitting hairs I have to mention it.

Extra Features
Bernie wins this round!  Her dresses almost always come with pockets (major plus!) and a matching belt.  I love it when a dress comes belted, you can never have enough belts in your closet!  The Jenny dress doesn't have either of these features.  I will say that the skirt of the Jenny dress is considerably fuller than any Bernie dress I own.  If you really love to twirl in your dress, Jenny should be your pick.

So what's my preference?  I'd choose Bernie Dexter for my next purchase.  I have two Jenny dresses and I don't regret those purchases for a second.  But, I feel like I get more for my money with a Bernie dress.  I highly doubt that I'll stop at two Jenny dresses though ;).

What's your opinion?  Which do you prefer?  Maybe there's another designer you love that I haven't mentioned.  Let me know in the comments below!



P.S. See all of Bernie's dresses HERE and the many variations of the Jenny dress HERE.
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