Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Love Story


Is it a coincidence that I've posted two dog printed items in a row?  Absolutely not.  This dress was a gift from my brother and his fiance (oh my gosh, I've been wanting to announce that for SO LONG) for Christmas.  I actually screamed when I opened the box.  I've been eying this dress on Modcloth for months so I was pretty excited to finally hang it in my closet.  It's a dream and it fits perfectly.  Probably my favorite gift this year!






Dress- Modcloth
Tights- New York & Co.
Shoes- UrbanOG
Cardigan- Sidecca
Belt- Forever 21
Bag- Vintage

Let me also introduce you to my new favorite heels.  UrbanOG has always been a favorite site of mine for shoes, so it's no surprise I found these sky high beauties irresistible.  I seriously think these things make me seven inches taller!  I will probably wear them on the regular now, let's just hope I don't take a tumble from that high up :)

Okay, so onto my brother's engagement.  While he may only be twenty two, he and Alayna have been together for over five years.  She is the sweetest person alive and I was so excited when I found out he was going to propose on their European vacation.  I had the honor of helping my brother pick her ring (it's huuuuge!) and I was waiting for a text between Christmas and New Years for the announcement.  I finally got word that he had done it on the streets of Paris.  I couldn't imagine anything more romantic!  So congratulations Mikey and Alayna, you two are very lucky to have each other <3




  1. Ashley, je vous souhaite une bonne année et d'heureux évènements; jolie robe...mais attention vous allez vous faire dévorer :-)

  2. That is truly romantic and very sweet that you got to help your brother pick the ring out. Very best wishes to the both of them!

    Your little pup printed dress is sooooo cute Ashley! I can never have too many prints like this in my closet :)

    xoxo Marisa

  3. This dress print is so romantic and sweet . Looking great . So lovely story of your brother , what a moment that could be when he proposed her in Paris <3
    New follower , come to my blog whenever you've chance :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  4. Your dog print dress is just the cutest!

    Congrats to your brother on the engagement! That proposal sounds amazingly romantic.

    The Tiny Heart
    Datevitation Giveaway!

  5. Pretty in every inch of the word.....the dress is soooo you!!!


  6. UrbanOg is AMAZING. I effin love them! Your shoes are killer.

    xo Ashley

  7. I absolutely LOVE this dress, gah, such a cute print!!! And I am always so impressed with your wearing of the skyhigh heels, I would absolutely fall.
    Congrats to your brother!!! That is sooo exciting, and sounds very romantic

  8. Your doggie printed dress is total perfection and so are those heels! Wow! Hot! You look amazing!


  9. You're so immensely beautiful; I love this entire outfit on you!!!

  10. Aw, congrats to your brother!! How exciting. Also, they must be wonderful people if they bought you this dress! I've always loved this one and it looks SO cute on you, especially with these tights!


  12. YAy for engagements! I got engaged when I was 21, so 22 doesn't seem young for me (What seems crazy is that I'm 25 now.....where did time go?) Anyhow - I LOVE THIS DRESS. You know, because I own it?! Haha - it's awesome on you and I love the heels you wore it with. What an awesome brother for getting this for you as a gift - so cool

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  13. red hot! dress looks nice with your red hair!

    i've never shopped at urbanOG...but i'm loving your shoes!


  14. I love the blue belt with your super cute dress! I got a lot of Modcloth things for Christmas, too, and it was so fun to finally see the pieces I'd been coveting in person. :) Those heels are awesome but look deadly to me - I can barely walk in a kitten heel, so I can't believe you can twirl around in heels that high, haha!

    <3 Leslie, Instant Fires

  15. I love this outfit, such a cute dress! And congrats to your brother!

    whiskey for breakfast
    365 sleepy days

  16. Wow sweetie georgeus gift from your brother, it´s beautiful and looks more beautiful on you. Thanks for show me the UrbanOG!


  17. Congrats to your brother, that is so exciting! Now you're both engaged! Yay! :)

    Super cute dress, I love the print! And I am growing more and more jealous of your tights collection, they are all so cute!

  18. This is simply fab!!! You look absolutely perfect! Congreats to your brother!

    Kisses, Lucy :)

  19. Wow, what an incredible dress, loving the print!

  20. I love the dog print, so cute! Congrats to your brother, that sounds so romantic!

  21. ashley, congrats to your fantastic brother for his romantic news, & for getting you the perfect christmas gift! i like the way you wore it with the patterned tights, the sky high heels, & the pop of color turquoise in your belt & ring. :)

  22. Love the dress! I would die in the heels. Like take one step and die.

  23. aww congratulations to your brother! and you look so gorgeous! :)


  24. Aw this is adorable! I love how you styled it, too. Those tights are adorable.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  25. Thats a gorgeous gift!... the print is soo cute :).
    Great post.

  26. you look divine LOVE the print and your stockings!

  27. HI dear!
    This dress is so perfect, your brother knows you so well!!

  28. awww both of you are engaged, how fun!! and jeeze, on the streets of Paris. Your brother knows how to do it right! I always love high school sweetheart stories, congrats to the two love birds! And haha I'd probably scream if I got that gift too- it's aaadorable. And it suits you perfectly :)

  29. Ah! I love everything about this outfit! :) I've been looking for a good pair of Mary Janes - cute, and not too unrealistic for a day of wear! You'll have to tell me if they are comfortable and what the tumble rate is!! :)

  30. i love this entire outfit.
    that dress is amazing.


  31. How utterly romantic! Congratulations to your brother and his girl!

    Also- this is the most adorable print. I'd have screamed too.

  32. Oh my goodness that is seriously the most romantic adorable story ever! I love it. Congrats to him! That dog print is SO cute. Love it with the turquoise belt!

  33. This dress was made for you and oh my golly! THOSE SHOES. I don't know how you are walking. And congrats to your brother! That sounds beautiful.

  34. I don't know what is cuter, the amazing puppy print dress or the engagement story! Congrats to them! Your family sure has a nack for engagements in beautiful places and romantic ways :)
    Also, the shoes are amazing, but I would 100% not be able to take 3 steps! I need to practice my heel walking!

  35. That is so amazing about your brother. My husband was 21 when we married (I was 20), so to me 22 is not young for engagement! Congratulations to them both! Your family is filled with happy engaged couples now. hehe.
    Your outfit is gorgeous!!

  36. they must know you well! that dress is darling & so you! huge congrats to your bro & his fiance, how exciting you are both engaged at the same time!oh, and love those tights!

  37. I love that dress! What a perfect gift to receive :)

    Trendy Teal


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