Friday, January 4, 2013

Like You Mean It


There are days like these where I wonder how people wear dresses in extreme cold.  Today is probably one of the coldest days all winter (I can see my breath, that is pretty darn cold to me) and I had a hard time taking pictures.  I was trying to look happy but all I could think about was going back inside and enjoying some gingerbread coffee!






Dress- Facebook swap group
Jacket- Forever 21
Tights- H&M
Shoes- UrbanOG
Hat- Old
Belt- Forever 21

I got this dress from a swap group through Facebook.  It's a little overwhelming because there are so many girls with tons of items they want to swap (for keeps), but I've received a few gems through it.  It also gives me a chance to get rid of some things to people who want them.  But to be honest, I should probably stop shopping and swapping for awhile.  With all my Christmas gifts, birthday presents, and gift cards, I'm set for a long time!


P.S. I've entered the Modcloth Dresses for a Year contest.  Please click HERE to vote for me.  I would really appreciate it!


  1. Ha ha. It is really difficult to step out in dis weather.
    But still,all the pictures are stunning!

  2. Now you know why I'm taking photos inside. It's 2 Celcius here today and that is warmer than yesterday.

    You still look great despite being cold. Those colours are great on you.

    I just voted for you girl! : ) I hope you win!!!


  3. The dress you snagged through the swap is so fun! I love the netted's understated but still feminine!

    The Glossy Life

  4. This dress looks amazing on you! Yay for being able to snag this one up in the swap.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. amazing dress, dear!there's a great giveaway on our blog, check it out! :)

  6. Such a pretty dress! Your hair is amazingggg

  7. The polka dot print is so adorable! And the cold is why I'm usually in pants lately :)

    The Tiny Heart

  8. You have such adorable dresses! I don't do too bad in dresses usually - for some reason my legs don't get cold as easily as other bits, probably from prolonged exposure :)
    Wish I could wear heels that high! Well, I could, but I'm 6' already and might break a foot again hahah!

    whiskey for breakfast
    365 sleepy days

  9. Voted!

    Love you in this deep purple.

  10. Studded heel! Those are fabulous, girl. I love how they can turn a sweet dress into something edgy and unique.

  11. This is a great dress, i really love the colour of it on you, perfect with the leather jacket and studded heels. I am just so used to the cold now, I still freeze my buns off sometimes but it seems worth it

  12. Oh Sweetie~~ Really beautiful dress, your shoes rocks are wonderful!


  13. hey pretty ashley! i don't like how cold it's been in texas lately either. it's supposed to be warm in southern california too, says the girl who was born there. we aren't acclimated to this winter business. ;)

  14. Modcloth style gallery is fooling me. I am hoping the dog dress pops up on your blog soon! I am wearing the same one right now :D That dress is totally adorable too - how awesome!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  15. The dress is so much fun-love the color!!!!!!!!! You look awesome!

  16. Love this outfit! It is really cold right now! I love that you are still wearing dresses!

  17. Where do you live in So Cal, little lady? I live in Seal Beach! xo

  18. such a great swap! This dress is so pretty on you!

  19. Those heels are so intense, love it!

  20. Love the leather jacket with this dress! I'm about to give up and die due to the cold too! It was 0 degrees when I left my house this morning!!

  21. Love this dress! Yet again, you have the best pattern dresses!!

    xo Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable

  22. AND you took your jacket off! You are brave!
    Still, I'm wishing I were there right at this particular moment - it's too hot to function in the southern hemisphere today. as i type, my other hand is holding a spray bottle full of ice water which I periodically have to cover myself with just to not overheat, hahaha.
    Also, looking good ;)

    xx Annika
    The Pineneedle Collective

  23. I just came across your blog and I am loving your style!
    This is such a cute and feminine dress, and the leather jacket and spiked heels add just the right amount of edge.
    Can't wait to see more outfits!

    your newest follower
    Mix and Match the F word

  24. Your dress is so cute! I love this look. :D

    Would you mind to follow each other? Check my blog on:

  25. You look lovely, I adore your shoes

  26. i got a bunch of gift card too and am kinda baffled with myself every time i shop without them. we clearly have a problem haha. and i love this outfit- i'm glad you braved the cold to snap pictures of it! the spike details in your heels totally made this whole look

  27. Oh Ashley, how do you look so adorable every time? Cold or no cold (I'm trying to tell myself that it's never cold here so I don't die when I go back to the Midwest. I'm not really succeeding), this dress is lovely! By the way, I'm here for another week so we must figure something out with Erica!

  28. I love your dress and shoes!!!

    Can you please vote for me here: You just have to like ModCloth on FB and than you can vote. It will take you only few seconds.

    Thanks a lot!
    Kisses, Lucy:)

  29. That is such a beautiful dress, and it looks so pretty with your gorgeous hair! I also love how you styled it, so pretty!

    And I know, tights are not always enough against the winter cold. The sacrifices of a cute outfit, haha.

  30. wow i love your dress, you look stunning!

    how about following each other? would love to see you over

  31. haha well you don't look like you're freezing or uncomfortable at all! :) love the dress!

    Metallic Paws

  32. As usual I love your outfit! I think you could start your own dress store with your collection :) Out of curiosity how many dresses do you own?

  33. i looooove your haircolor and your style!



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