Friday, January 11, 2013

Learning Curve


Just last week I promised Kevin I wouldn't buy anymore clothes.  I already made that promise to myself, but having another person aware of my plans makes me feel that much more accountable.  Since we are saving for our first home and our one day baby, I think I can take a little break and focus on the amazing wardrobe that's already in my closet.  Which brings me to this yellow Modcloth dress.  Yet another birthday gift from a friend.  I love wearing it in colder weather and it's really easy to take this piece into all seasons.  At this point I need a closet that can translate through all kinds of weather!


yellowstripes5 yellowstripes6



Dress- Modcloth
Tights- Urban Outfitters
Shoes- Forever 21
Bracelet- Gift

I'm having so much fun learning how to use my 50mm lens.  I'm not going to lie, taking pictures now is much more difficult than using the lens that came on my camera.  But it's rewarding when you start to figure out what you're actually doing!  I don't have a photographer husband (or even a photographer at all most of the time) and I've never studied photography myself so it's been a learning process.  Starting a blog has so many aspects to it: photography, editing, HTML, styling, etc.  It's a bunch of new hobbies rolled into one so I hope at some point I'll start becoming a pro :).




  1. I could tell that your photos were taken with a new lens! They're so pretty. I love the color combo and your cute bow!

  2. lovely outfit and photos! You are so right....blogging has so many aspects! My favorite part is the photography and editing, but I'm just learning as I go too, what a journey :)

  3. woah you take your pictures alone?? props to you, that would take me half the day haha. i have a 50mm too and barely understand how to use it, so any tips would be most welcome ;) i know Katherine from Of Corgis & Cocktails is making a bunch of tutorials and you should totally read them if you haven't- it definitely explained a lot! and oh spending freezes- they're the bane of my existence. marc is always baffled when he looks into my closet, mainly because he only owns 4 shirts =P

  4. Your pictures are great! And I love the color combo of this outfit!


  5. Ahhh this dress is gorgeous!!!! I absolutely adore the colour and how great it looks with the red. I seriously need to raid your wardrobe because you have so many amazing pieces!
    I was so stoked when I got my 50mm lens, you're definitely going to love it

  6. I don't have a photographer husband, my other half takes the pictures but without any training or background in it. And we only have a little digital thing. I can do good close ups after reading lots of books but I would love to be better, it's a matter of cost of getting a decent camera too. Your photos look really good and I agree, I've learnt so much more through blogging than I expected too. Im also with Marlen, Katherine's blogs about camera work are really good.

  7. Your photos came out really great with the new lens! I'm hoping to get a dslr one of these days but I wouldn't know how to use it. Your striped dress is adorable! Happy Friday :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Datevitation Giveaway!

  8. Love this stripey yellow dress and the colors you mixed it with! I only currently have the lens that came on my camera, and while I take a lot of my own pictures, it is usually only on the auto setting! I just started an online photography class this week though and can't wait to learn more! I totally agree blogging has so many awesome components and skills to learn!
    Happy Friday!
    xo Hannah

  9. This is a really great outfit! You look beautiful as usual!


  10. I love these two colors together so much! The stripes are divine. I've had my camera for a couple of years and I still don't think I know how to properly work it-but it definitely is a learning process! These photos turned out great, so props to you!

  11. save, save, save! Adam and I are starting the home buying process and it is much more daunting than we initially thought it would be. Especially since inventory is low and demand is high.

    Super cute dress! I love it! I just upgraded my camera lens as well and I'm having fun trying to take better pictures. Do you normally just use a tripod and a timer to take photos of yourself?

  12. This dress is TOO cute. I've been eye-ing this one on Modcloth for forever, it's just so perfect. And the red tights are such a fun touch! I'm completely with you, I'm on a shopping ban myself :((

  13. I LOVE this outfit. The yellow dress is adorable. And I love that your tights bring out the red in your hair! You look gorgeous!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  14. Love these colors together! I really need to promise myself not to buy more clothes too. It's just so hard! Yay for a new lens! It's such a great feeling to teach yourself new things, and it seems that you're doing a good job :)

    xoxo Jess
    Foreign Room

  15. I'm so lame when it comes to learning my camera. Every time I think I have it down my next photos turn out awful and I end up back where I started using auto mode.

    This colour looks gorgeous on you and the photos look so natural.

    Bisous from antigua!


  16. oh, beautyfull dres! i like it: )

  17. I love this outfit and how your hair matches your tights!


  18. Adorable dress!

    A 50mm lens can be quite difficult when you're doing self portraits. It's really best if you are the photographer shooting somebody else.

    If the lens isn't focused on the right area.. the back or front of the subject will be in focus instead.

    A wide angle lens would work much better and you wouldn't have to set the camera/tripod so far away.

  19. I love every piece of your outfit! So darn cute!
    And right there with you about the blog. Blogging is such a learning experience.

    xx Jordana

  20. WOW...absolutely stunning, this dress was made for you.

  21. Oh my gosh so cute, love how you paired these unexpected colors together! I need to stop buying clothes as well! I bought myself a kitten though haha so I think she'll distract me from my shopaholic ways for a while!

  22. I adore that you are not afraid of color or pattern! You seriously are one of my favorite bloggers right now and I am always intrigued to see what you put together!!

    xo Tori

  23. Super cute! Love the color mix and your dress is fantastic! Good luck on your shopping ban!


  24. wow super cute love the leggings and the colors are perfection!

  25. You always find the most fun shoes - adore those heels!

  26. What a super cute dress- seriously might be one of my favorites that you've had on the blog in awhile!

  27. That dress is so pretty. It fits you wonderfully!
    Ava Tallulah

  28. aww. I wish I could buy more clothes! Maybe in a few months. People used to give me vintage clothes all the time, but I wore them all for posts. Your dress is gorgeous and I love it with those stocking!

  29. This look is so super cute!! I love the dress and LOVE the tights.


  30. Not shopping=great savings. I get into my shopping diets all the time and I really see a difference...right now I think I need to go on a restaurant eating diet. haha all my money goes to them!

  31. I haven't shopped for clothes in years... Honestly. I save so much money! I use what I have, or make what I want to have. Good luck!

  32. I'm still working on the photography thing too:) well become pros one day! Good luck with your shopping ban, you already have a great closet. This dress is darling!

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  35. Such a lovely dress! I'm hope you will be successful in you savings ;)

    Have a nice day,

  36. That is a beautiful dress, and I love those tights with it! Very pretty outfit, you look gorgeous!

  37. I made the same promise to my mom! Hopefully I'll be able to keep it. Anyway I love you outfit. That is such a gorgeous dress!


  38. The dress is lovely, but the tights and your hair work so well together. Love it :)

  39. you do have an amazing wardrobe already so that sounds awesome you're not going to buy clothes. did you set a date on how long? Lisa from LaLa Faux Bois did a no buy I think 6 months or so that was really awesome. I look forward to seeing all the cute remixes I know you'll do! and onto this dress- it's beautiful & perfect w/ your hair & those red tights, so fun!

  40. This outfit looks so great! And you photos look professional to me already!

  41. Such a cute outfit! i love the colours and the bow in your hair

  42. That dress is so cute, I love the stripes and the color! And so fun with the red tights :) This color combo is so daring but you pull it off so well. And all the bows look so nice, especially that bow ring! That's the best! I have 50 mm lens too :D haha it's sitting on my desk right now, but I have to wait until my camera comes so that I can use it. You are so good at taking outfit photos yourself, haha it takes me forever to get all the settings/timing right.

  43. Love the look. You have an awesome blog may be we can follow each other's blog?

  44. This color combo is fabulous - and this is just an adorable look, what a fun dress!
    Pearls & Paws

  45. totally love the colors very pretty!!
    New post abt my new LV bag is up! :D
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  46. I love that dress....but I love more how your hair matches the color of your tights!!! And more power on your NY resolutions Ash!!!


  47. Such a cute outfit! I love everything about it! And you're looking so lovely! -Jess L


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