Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pregnancy: Week 32


Oh my gosh, the end is actually near!  I'm in my eighth month and I'm finally starting to feel uncomfortable.  Carrying all this extra weight has much more effects than you would think.  Not only is walking (or waddling) harder, but sleeping through the night is pretty much impossible.  Whether it's the kicks to the ribs or the constant runs to the bathroom, I'm waking up at least ten times a night.  But like everyone else tells me, this is just preparing me for the sleep I'll be missing for the next few years.


As always, baby B is doing great.  She has a nice strong heartbeat and she's growing right on point with what my doctor wants.  She constantly has the hiccups which means I feel a "flick" every second or two pretty much every time I eat something.  But her hiccups are nothing like her kicks!  She's a straight up boxer and for the last few days she's been favoring my ribs.  It was really cute a couple of weeks ago but now that she's bigger it's starting to hurt.  Thankfully, her position is perfect (head down) and I'm hoping she stays that way until I deliver.  As a first born child I was a breach baby (feet down) which meant my mom had a C-section for me and my other three siblings.  Definitely praying she's a little more cooperative than I was!


Here is just a small preview of my nursery.  I have yet to decorate with any wall decor and her dresser has been back ordered for weeks.  We are planning to construct her custom closet next weekend, which is about time because her clothes are totally taking over my closet!  Hopefully when I do my next update in two weeks I'll have much more to show you.

As of today I have three weeks and one day left of work.  Can you tell that I've been counting?  Because I work on my feet all day work has been pretty miserable.  But I'm trying my best to stay as long as possible!  The longer I stay before she comes, the longer I get to be off after she's here.  So I'll endure all the contractions (yep, I'm already getting them) and long days on my feet for my little girl :)



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