Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dark Shines


Thanks to everyone who sent me such positive feedback regarding my last blog post.  I was really scared to write about something other than my outfits and how well my pregnancy is going so I can't thank you enough for your understanding nature.  I've said it a million times but I'm so thankful for the blogging community!

Yes, it's true.  I'm wearing jeans.  Since a lot of my wardrobe is too small these days I've been forced to think outside the box.  While I don't think there's anything wrong with wearing pants, I definitely don't feel as comfortable in them as I would a dress.  But it's been a fun way to play with pieces in my closet that have literally collected dust.





Top- Urban Outfitters
Blazer- Urban Outfitters
Jeans- Motherhood Maternity
Shoes- Gift from Katrina (Modcloth)
Ring- Forever 21
Necklace- UrbanOG

I took these pictures when it was abnormally windy out.  It totally wreaked havoc on my hair!  I wish I could have waited to get one good shot with my straight hair but it just didn't work out.  Apparently I'm going through this weird ombre stage with my color.  Not really by choice, but I've been seriously putting off getting it dyed.  I still haven't decided exactly what I want to do with it so until then I'll be sporting a brown/red ombre.  Unless you have some suggestions!?
These little heart printed booties are a new favorite of mine.  Katrina from The Demure Muse received them in her Stylish Surprise and offered them to me.  It was such a sweet gesture and I'm totally in love!  I can't wait to wear them with a dress and remix them in a later blog post this month :)


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