Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shift the Tide


Well hello there colder weather!  After weeks of 80 degree temperatures fall finally decided to show up.  It's actually my favorite season so I was more than excited to break out my tights, boots, and this new dress.  Erica came to my house a few weeks ago in a very similar dress and I decided I needed one of my own.  Unfortunately, no matter how much I sized up, Chinese companies tend to base their size charts on those of children.  It was much too short on me (I wish I had sprung for the XL) but it was nothing a basic black tulle skirt couldn't fix!




Dress- Ebay
Jacket- Forever 21 (exact)
Skirt- Target (exact)
Tights- H&M
Boots- Modcloth (similar)
Beret- gift

This week has been particularly rough for me.  While I thought I was fine, I'm actually having contractions every TWO minutes.  At 34 weeks my baby is not developed enough to make her debut!  My doctor prescribed me medication to stop the contractions but these particular meds don't stop them and they make me terribly sick.  I haven't been drunk in quite some time but these pills take me back to the days when I didn't know my alcohol limits.  Needless to say, attempting to go to work has been a struggle.  It's extremely unsafe to operate while under any kind of influence so I've been going home early almost every day.  I have another doctor's appointment today so we will see what my doctor decides to do.  This may just be my last day of work.  I thought I'd be excited but I'd much rather work another two weeks and have a healthy baby.  I'll keep you updated on the results!



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