Monday, November 11, 2013

Stretch Across the Sky


This is one of those dresses that is constantly worn but never photographed.  It never actually occurred to me until someone complimented my outfit while running errands yesterday.  So I decided to take some pictures of it while I was up, running, and motivated.  My belly tends to make my dresses waaaaaay shorter in the front so pairing everything with tights has been my rule of thumb.  Not like I wouldn't be doing that in fall anyway, but it was a nice 75 degrees!  I'd rather be a little on the warm side than flash the goods to unsuspecting people.





Dress- Forever 21 (similar)
Cardigan- Old
Booties- Target
Tights- Forever 21
Necklace- Betsey Johnson
Hat- Forever 21 (similar)

On Friday night my husband and I ventured to downtown LA to see Nine Inch Nails.  I've seen Trent Reznor perform in a different band but never an actual NIN show.  I was absolutely impressed with their live performance.  It's not too often that a band sounds exactly the same live as they do in the studio.  Although at eight months pregnant I probably shouldn't be going to many more shows.  Of course, everyone around me was smoking weed so I was doing my best not to breathe!  I actually felt guilty that I was inhaling all this second hand smoke, I really didn't want to get B high.  I was probably just fine but my anxiety really got the best of me.

Something else that apparently annoys me: people taking pictures/videos the entire time during a show.  I usually keep my phone in my purse, especially if it's a band I really enjoy.  But I felt like most people were watching through their cell phones.  I find that so odd!  Considering those tickets were pretty expensive at face value, I couldn't imagine spending my time trying to get a great shot/video that I probably won't even look at after that night.  Don't get me wrong, I love technology but sometimes it gets in the way of actually enjoying real life.

Does anyone else feel that way?  Maybe these last couple months of my twenties are really starting to transition me into my old crotchety thirties!


  1. you're looking so darling and glowing! love the pink

  2. The polka dot tights and the hat are adorable with this dress! I agree that it's weird to film the entire concert...are they really going to watch it over and over afterwards?

    The Tiny Heart

  3. This is such a cute outfit, and tommy is such a sweetie too. I love this dress, it looks so perfect with the polka dot tights!! I have certain pieces I only wear with tights because they're too short otherwise, so I get that.
    I hate when people are all smoking/smoking pot so much that I can't even breath at a concert, and people need to put their cell phones down! I usually take a few pictures but I don't find it enjoyable to watch the show through my teeny phone screen

  4. You look adorable and I 100% agree with you on not taking pictures or recording--in reality, the photos and recordings aren't going to fully capture the amazingness of being right there, so just enjoy the moment!

  5. No, I don't really get the phones/cameras out during an event thing either (well, unless one is hired to photograph such things and/or perhaps is a professional). I mean, I could see taking a few snaps if you had a really great view, or just want to remember the event, but for the most part the videos and photography you are doing during an event is not going to be very good. I also feel this way about people photographing art in a museum (which I have done, but mostly to remember the name of a new artist....). Gift stores etc. will have better examples anyway.

    As for this outfit- I LOVE you in pink. Not sure if I've ever mentioned that, but you are just so... YOU in pink.

  6. i'm such an old lady but you named a few of the reasons i usually dont enjoy concerts nowadays, although actually the #1 reason is i find them too loud, which is a suuuper old lady reason i know but hey, i have really good hearing : ). anyway, i do agree it's weird to have a camera/phone out the whole time, instead of just a pic or two. tot true what Kristian said. also, i agree, pink is so you! and funny about the tights part. def makes sense. you look loveley here w/ the girly dress + boots + beanie.

  7. No, I totally agree with you about people watching concerts/events through their phones and not actually enjoying the moment! I will usually snap a few pics and take a short video clip during my favorite song, but that's it!

    PS you are looking so precious! I love all your little beanies/berets/hats and I really want to try some myself! Now that it's cooler out I think this is the perfect opportunity for me to branch out with my head accessories :)

  8. Ooh, I love this dress on you and can see why you wear it so often! The tights are perfect with it too. I'm so excited for you that it's finally starting to be tights weather back home!

    I am totally with you on the concert thing. I hardly ever go to concerts, and while it's mostly because of the money, a big reason is because I'm such a homebody and all of the crowds/weed/drunk people does not appeal to me. I can definitely see why that would stress you out! But hey, at least Bianca can say she's been to a NIN concert now, right? ;)

    Hope you're doing well and that I get to see you soon!

  9. I couldn't agree more that people view life through a view finder or phone screen.

    I stopped going to concerts because I just found it was too crowded and like watching a video of the artist playing on a screen rather than live. Now I try to go to intimate lounges or bars where there aren't more than 100 people. I much prefer them.

    You are glowing and looking lovely. I guess the puppy knows something is up…LOL Better get some extra TLC in for the pups before the baby arrives.


  10. I feel the same way about concerts. Why not just watch it on YouTube for $0 if you're gonna spend the whole time looking at a tiny screen anyway? It's mystifying.

    On the bright side, you + pink + baby bump + puppy = adorable :)

  11. You're looking so lovely! I saw NIN at Reading Festival and thought they were really dull, but then I never really got in to them?!

    I feel the same - there's nothing wrong with taking a few snaps or a vid of your favourite song, but I dont get it when people record the whole thing!

    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  12. You look beautiful, I totally understand about going to concerts though, I've felt the same way of not wanting to get second hand whatever from people. Dont feel guilty though, you need time for yourself too! (plus if its not an everyday thing I'm sure its OK for the baby)

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  13. Ugh I can't handle the drunk idiots at shows. I mean yeah have a drink or 2- that's fine, but anything else is ridiculous. And taping the entire show is crazy, too!

  14. your dress is the cutest one! and so your doggie..i always believe that when watching a concert, phone or camera is a must to snap all the moments.but not every moments,or else i will miss the live after i think i had snapped enough,i will kept all the electronics away.
    xo josephine

  15. I can't handle people doing drugs or drunk idiots at shows. You can do that shit at your house, ugh! You're brave for even going. I'm sure you were fine, but I would've freaked out about that just like you.

    xo Ashley

  16. I love this dress! I don't know why you didn't think to photograph it until now. It's so perfect!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  17. Ohh this pink dress is so beautiful on you, and even though you were probably a bit warm, I love it with the tights!! A director of mine LOVES NIN. I've never seen them or anything but he has seen them numerous times and is obsessed with them. I would definitely get annoyed with people taking photos/video. As a performer, I think it's not only rude, but it takes you (and those around you) out of the experience you came for!! There's way too much emphasis on documenting experiences without actually EXPERIENCING them. I'm crochety too, it would seem.

    xox Sammi

  18. Aw I love seeing your dog, so cute! I feel the same way, I'll usually take one picture but after that I put it away after that like just enjoy the moment your in!

  19. Love the hat and dress together, what a great oufit! :)

    <3 Megan


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