Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dreams Realized

I have been waiting about two months to let this cat out of the bag and I'm so happy that today is the day!  While my online absence has been partly because of our big move, it was only half the reason.  I'm overjoyed to tell you that I'm going to be a momma in January of 2014!

Blog photos 038

At the moment I'm three months along and Kevin and I couldn't be happier.  While I haven't shared much of my experience with trying to get pregnant, it was a little bit harder than we had thought.  Thankfully, it just took time and patience (and charting!) and our dream of being parents had come true.

Blog photos 028

As for my pregnancy, it's been a little exhausting but nothing to complain about.  I'm one of the lucky 25% of women who don't have morning sickness.  My main issue is exhaustion, by the end (and sometimes the middle) of the workday I'm ready for a nap.  I guess you can imagine how hard it is to keep up with my favorite blogs and take outfit photos when I'm always napping.

Baby 001

As for the baby, he/she is doing great!  I actually got to see it move it's arms and legs two days ago.  It was simply one of the most amazing moments in my life.  We have already painted the nursery a nice light green and a mystery person already purchased our baby furniture.  How lucky am I?


Of course, I'll be updating you with baby bump pictures whenever I can.  I already have a little one!  This picture was from last month and I'm happy I can finally share it with you.  I'll have another one next week :)

I was conflicted whether or not I wanted to share this experience with you on my blog.  In the end I realize that I'm more than ecstatic about my decision to be a mother and I hope you'll enjoy reading about it.  Plus, I think you'd probably figure it out in a few months!  It's going to be a challenge to style my ever changing body and I love me a good challenge!

To those who already knew, I want to thank you for your support (and for keeping a secret!).  And for those who find this as a surprise, I hope you enjoy a different yet style centered direction my blog is taking.  Outfit posts will always be a focus, but I think crop tops will take a back seat this summer :)



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