Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What's on my Radar: Current Loves

Here's another edition of Current Loves, which this month is focused on home goods.  I can say that we are about 90% unpacked (with the exception with some paperwork) and ready to start decorating!  I've had my eye on a few things and I'm excited to show you how I'd like to decorate a few bare rooms.

Urban Outfitters Charlotte Sofa
urban couch

This is the exact kind of sofa I want for our living room.  At the moment it's being occupied by our old apartment couch, but we're getting rid of it for a new, colorful one.  Since we have dark hardwood floors, I really want to add a lot of color to this room.  And what does that better than a statement sofa?

Ruche Loyal Bull Dog Bookends

Before Kevin and I adopted our chihuahuas, all he ever wanted was a bulldog.  And while they are cute, I was not ready for a 70 pound dog in an apartment!  Thankfully, I have the best husband ever and he let me adopt whatever dog I wanted.  I guess the least I can do is get him some bulldog bookends.  Literally, it's probably the least I can do :)

Urban Outfitters Waterfall Ruffle Duvet Cover
urban duvet

I've wanted this duvet for years!  Unfortunately, Kevin tends to think this might be too girly.  When it comes to our bedroom he definitely has the most opinions about our bedding.  I'm guessing this will be on my wish list for a long time!

Target Lucy Upholstered Chair

Okay, this technically isn't on my wishlist because it's already mine.  A very good friend of mine purchased this for me as a late Christmas/birthday/wedding/housewarming gift.  I have yet to get it in the mail though, but I'm absolutely looking forward to it.  I'm going to put this in one of our spare bedrooms, which is being completely decorated by me :)

Urban Home Jeweled Amber Mirror

I definitely have a thing for vintage inspired pieces.  My home is filled with vintage light fixtures (which I refuse to change out) and I think this mirror would compliment the theme.  This could really go in any room, but I would love to have this in my den.  It's where we spend the most time after all.

Where do you like to shop for home decor?  I'd love some suggestions if you have them!



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