Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Inspiration: The Blogging Mommy

For those who know me, I work a full time job and blog what I consider full time as well.  Sometimes I feel like I rarely have time for myself!  I seriously can't complain though, considering there are some amazing bloggers out there who also have another important job: being great moms!  I decided to dedicate this edition of inspiration to those wonderful ladies who really know how to do it all.  Check out my favorites below:


Marisa has been one of my favorite reads for a very long time.  She's super stylish and has the cutest little boy (and another one almost here)!  I adore her love for a great statement hairbow and her pictures are always so beautiful.

Lisa of Raddest Mom


Lisa is probably one of the most wonderful mothers I know.  Her blog has everything from makeup and fashion tips to what products she recommends for babies and toddlers.  She's also into organics and natural remedies which is something I happen to be passionate about as well.  Oh, and her daughter is pretty much the cutest little thing I've ever seen ♥

Liz of Tiny Bits of Nonsense

6 mo

I have been following Tiny Bits of Nonsense for what seems like forever!  She went from newlywed to pregnant to new mommy all before my blog reel feed.  I loved reading her fashion tips when it came to dressing up her ever growing belly.  And to all you shorter ladies, she also has wonderful petite styling tips.

Victoria of Justice Pirate


Victoria is both a wonderful writer and mother to two boys.  She always has an interesting topic, a great story, or a gorgeous outfit in each post.  She's always so sincere and very open and honest when she writes.  I truly love reading her blog!

I know I could name so many more ladies but it would be hard to post them all!  Is there a particular blogging mommy who inspires you?  I'd love to hear about them :)



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