Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Sea


So who's ready for summer?  While I may have said I was, I'm now regretting that decision.  I seem to forget how incredibly hot and uncomfortable our summers are.  My new home is also closer to the desert so it's easily ten degrees hotter over there.  Thankfully, my house never seems to get half as hot as my apartment did.  It makes absolutely no sense but I'm glad I'm getting a little relief from the triple digit weather.






Dress- swap with Jen (Modcloth)
Shoes- Steve Madden
Bag- c/o Deb Shops
Hat- Forever 21
Belt- from another dress
Necklace- Tiffany & Co.
Ring- Forever 21
I was lucky enough to borrow this dress from Jen.  The print is really fun and it's perfect for the warmer months.  I actually almost dressed this up for a wedding too.  It's so versatile and I'm not so secretly wishing it was a part of my closet.  This Deb Shops bag is my new go-to "show bag".  When I go to any concert I love to wear a crossbody bag.  It small enough to take to a general admission show (you know you get completely squished) and it fits just enough stuff inside.  Plus, it stays close to me in case there's a potential pick pocketer.  Have I ever mentioned I'm a little crazy?
Are you going to any shows/festivals this summer?  I'm still holding out hope that Daft Punk will tour sometime this year but there hasn't been any announcement yet.  My fingers are crossed!




  1. I love the optical-illusion pattern of this dress (that sounds odd, but I swear it's a good thing!) haha

  2. Yikes, it's already in the triple digits? I love the fun pattern on your dress! I wear crossbody bags to concerts keeps your hands free and I totally agree about warding off the pickpocketers.

    The Tiny Heart
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  3. Love it! It looks so flirty and comfortable! I could definitely use more dresses like this!

    Isn't DP supposed to be at Warped Tour? I believe they are. But I'm indulging in all the free shows because this summer, the main focus is saving money. So we shall see.

    C.H. (new blog alias :))

  4. Love your hat and bag and this dress looks great with your hair : ) I am also dreading the morbid summer heat of SoCal haha. Looking forward to evenings at the Greek Theater and Hollywood Bowl though.

  5. Um that's not crazy, that's smart! People are nuts and I always bring a small purse or none at all to concerts! BTW I still love your pink locks~

    The Occasional Indulgence

  6. That dress is so perfect, I love it! I'm the same way, at concerts I always make sure my purse is nice and safe!

  7. These colours on you are absolutely perfect!!! I love this dress with your hair, so much fun! This dress is pretty fantastic and I love that bag, cross bags are without a doubt my favourite kind.
    Apartments get sooo hot compared to houses, it's ridiculous!

  8. You look so ready for summer, though sorry to hear it is so hot! (Also, this outfit just makes me fall in love with your hair color all over again!)

    We might go to the Magic City Blues Festival. It is always pretty fun....

  9. LOVE this dress on you :) Why does EVERYTHING look good with your pink hair? And how cute are those wedges?! I cannot harp on Steve Madden shoes enough. I have a problem.. As far as shows go, I think we're going to Cleveland to see MC Chris sometime soon, Atmosphere will be here this summer I believe, and this year will be my 9th Warped Tour! Busy busy!

    xo Ashley

  10. The print of your dress is so wonderful!

  11. Love the colours in the dress with your hair :) I'm going to Reading Festival this year... for the 4th time :) Rosie x

  12. That dress is fantastic on you! We're just finally hitting the 70's and 80's, which I think is perfect weather. I can't imagine being in triple digits right now! Too hot! I hope you find some relief from it!


  13. What a cute dress!
    I haven't thought about getting a bag like that for shows. It's perfect. Makes better sense to wear one rather than carry a beast bag around.

    I'm only excited for summer's longer daylight but the heat. Noooooooo way. :( It's going to get crazy. All I remember last year was the never ending heat and uncomfortable nights.

  14. Adore this twist on a chevron printed dress, the colours work wonderfully together, you look delightful!I appreciate your visit dear, its always interesting to hear your views...Happy Friday!

  15. I love that dress so much! That's definitely a dress you could wear every weekend all summer long! The print and colors are so pretty.

  16. Very cute dress! Looks great on you. And you have gorgeous eyes, by the way!


  17. I love this dress! It's such a cute print and fun colors, and it just looks lovely. Also in love with your shoes. And you're not the only one who's slightly crazy - I frequently put important things like my ID and credit card in my bra, regardless of whether I have a purse, just in case someone's particularly smooth at pickpocketing (or if I forget my purse, since I do tend to be terribly forgetful...)


  18. Easy breezy! Very cute look. The hat's my favorite part. Unfortunately I can't pull these kinds of hats off. I think it's my face shape. I can only wear floppy hats, or baseball caps (but how often do I go to baseball games? Never).

    -Nathy @ Earnestyle

  19. love ur outfit:D
    really lovely.. good summer style
    that dress very cute
    and u are pretty:D

    mine mine one =))

  20. I am totally obsessed with this print and it looks fabulous in those colours.

  21. Another great look lady :) I love this dress, both the print and the high-low and those shoes are too cute! Your hat and bag are perfect for each other too! I'm getting stoked for summer, it can't come soon enough, but here in Ottawa we don't get the same heat :P

  22. Yes so true...I long for summer every year, then start to complain once it hits 90 something degrees, haha. This is such a pretty mix of pattern against the tan accessories here. You always look flawless Ashley! That little fringe bag is soooo cute!

  23. Girl, you could seriously knock em dead in this, you look fabulous! Love the high-low and this fun pattern. I can relate to your feelings on the weather, I love summer time but I HATE humidity- and we get a ton of it out here in Delaware. Happy Friday, Ashley!!!

    xo, Alyssa

  24. Haha I am with you. I was so anxious for warm weather, and now that it's HOT, I just want it to be cooler again. This dress looks great on you! Definitely perfect with a hat and cross body bag.

    Man, I want to go to a concert this summer so badly! I just found out Edward Sharpe is playing at the Hollywood Bowl right before I leave and I'm itching to go!

  25. The print is awesome, the cut is awesome, the color is awesome (it even matches your hair) so I give this outfit a score of triple awesome. Really.

    twitter and instagram: @BelatedBloomer

  26. I see we share a love of fringe bags. Good choice, m'dear, it compliments that beautiful dress of yours perfectly! And that hat. Goodness, you look good in hats. Way cuter than I do. I always seem to be bordering on androgynous with hats. But you make them very feminine. :D


  27. Hi, i really liked your blog :) How about follow each other here and/or facebook?
    kisses *
    let me know on my blog !

  28. What an absolutely sweet dress - love the cut and pattern! And your little hat is so neat, too!

    Have a great weekend,

  29. love the dress and your hair is absolutely stunning! I just can't get enough of it! :)

  30. I love this dress. You look so pretty!!

  31. this look is gorgeous very different and so summery! loving your straighter hair!
    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  32. I do plan on going to one show next month to see From Indian Lakes which is a wonderful band. I'm sorry that the sun is uncomfortable for you. I hope it cools down out there.

  33. This outfit is just so summery and fun! I love the print on that dress and that you paired leopard print shoes with it. The fringe bag is fantastic too. You look awesome, as always. Glad I'm finally catching up with your blog! I'm so behind.


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