Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Inspiration: Summer Outfits

For the most part, I love summer.  But unfortunately my style suffers a little bit in the crazy heat.  When all you do is slap on a dress, it's easy to forget that cute summer outfits are possible too!  I've been really inspired by these five ladies below and I'd love to show you their perfect summer ensembles.


Erica looks so cute in this outfit!  While I do own a pair or two of shorts, they don't look very flattering on my body.  I love how the addition of a fedora and a feminine printed top really dresses up her denim shorts.

Whitney of See.Shop.Eat.Do

 I love how Whitney takes a cute white dress and puts her own country spin on it.  Sometimes it's one accessory that can change the feel of the entire outfit!

Franziska of Frannish

 The gingham print of these shorts are too cute for words!  Franziska has a wonderful way of putting outfits together and I love the little hints of color in her belt and sandals.

Kat of Love & Ace

How perfect is this beach look?  Kat really knows how to make a tee look super chic!  Her style is always right on point and I love this beachy outfit.

Jessica of Midwest Muse

When living in Ohio, summer isn't nearly as long as it is here on the west coast.  I'm always excited to see Jessica's warmer weather outfits and this dress is truly the epitome of her style.  I'm seriously in love with every little detail here :)

What's your summer staple?  I'm going to try and think outside the box this year, but no promises!  I think I'll always be a dress girl...




  1. These are such fantastic and unique outfits, I also love the white dress and boots combo, classic!

  2. I love this roundup, i love summer dressing but sometimes feel "stuck" by just wearing sandals and dresses. Definitely love the shorts, I think I need a pair of high waisted ones for a summer staple

  3. These are all such great picks! Jessica's look here is one of my favorites of hers. I definitely have to check some of these other blogs out!

  4. Aw, love all of these inspirational outfits! I am totally a dress girl too, but I have surprisingly branched out a lot this year with pants, skirts, and shorts! I think I caught a breath of fresh inspiration (or something like that). Hope you're week is off to a great start <3

    xo, Alyssa

  5. Such pretty outfits, I adore Erica's low key look!

  6. The galaxy dress is awesome.

  7. I'll always be a dress girl too :) But I try to branch out a little. I was loving that post from Jessica today, I love how her and Fran both used colorful accessories to make their outfits pop. I'm loving Erica's easy feminine look too!

  8. That space dress is driving me crazy........... I love it too much!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  9. That's a cute touch with the green belt against the black shorts. Great inspirational spread. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me too anytime.

  10. I love the second and fourth. Such beauty! Also thanks for including me :) You can borrow the dress any time! I'd love to see it on you.

  11. Haha, girl! If you love dresses, wear dresses! Honestly, the world's getting too casual. And it's a nice way to make everyday fun, by playing dress up :)

    xo Ashley

  12. Thanks for posting some of your inspirations! Your outfits are some of my inspirations so I'm sure I'll love their's too :)

    Flounces & Hubbub

  13. I really need to invest in a pair of cowboy boots because I love doing simple dresses with cowboy boots like the second outfit. It looks so cute and it's comfy enough to line dance it :)

  14. how did I miss this?! thank you so much for including me with (so much more) fashionable ladies :)

  15. Such great summer ideas! It's so hot here so I totally understand how it's easy to run out of ideas in the summer. I definitely tend to stick to dresses in the heat, but I'm curious to see how you push your style this summer!

  16. aww, thank you so much for the little feature! ^_^ and i'm sure you can find some shorts that'll work for your body. i lucked out with the denim ones, but usually i get high-waisted styles because they're way more flattering on me than any others.


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