Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Beginnings


Are you ready for the new year?  Honestly, 2013 does seem a little daunting for me.  Kevin and I are (supposed to be) planning a wedding for April or May.  We are looking to own a home before the end of the year.  Plus, we plan on starting a family soon after the wedding.  It just feels like so much change for one year!  While I may be a complete creature of habit, I'm looking forward to the change that is coming... as long as we do it one step at a time :)






Dress- Modcloth
Tights- Forever 21
Shoes- Zara
Cardigan- Forever 21
Necklace- UrbanOG
Belt- c/o Modcloth
Ring- Betsey Johnson

Sorry if you get tired of my fit 'n flare dresses but they seriously consume my closet.  I first saw this on Jessica of Midwest Muse and I fell in love.  So when my friends gave me a Modcloth gift card for my birthday, this was the dress that I bought.  It was a surprise because Jessica's is blue striped and mine came in black.  It still has the nautical feel so it's a winner in my book!

Anyone have any super cool NYE plans?  I'm usually on call New Year's day so I tend to lay pretty low.  Although this year I'm off the hook!  I'm guessing I'll still want to stay local and do something low key anyway.  Regardless, I hope you have a safe holiday and a great new year <3



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