Sunday, December 16, 2012

Like A Diamond


I really tried my hardest when it came to avoiding the malls and not purchasing anything for myself.  But when I was given a weekday off, I was overcome with temptation and an amazing deal!  I still hadn't decided what I wanted to wear to Kevin's company Christmas party this coming weekend and now I feel like I've found the one.  It was destiny!





Dress- Angl
Tights- Forever 21
Shoes- Chinese Laundry
Belt- Forever 21
Clutch- Express

I love the combination of a high neckline and an open back.  I'm not one to wear anything low cut in the front, but I'm all for an open back.  It gives me the opportunity to feel sexy without being uncomfortable.  Of course, I'm obsessed with the sequins and I can't wait to blind everyone with this dress :).

What do you think?  What does your holiday outfit look like this year?



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