Friday, December 12, 2014

Wouldn't You Gnome

Retrolicious Modcloth All Eyes On Unique dress in Gnomes 001

You wouldn't know it from first glance, but I live in a pretty beautiful city.  Unfortunately, it's the epitome of suburbia (Pleasantville the movie was filmed in my neighborhood) but there are still nooks and crannies of untouched land.  You can find everything from vast mountains, desert terrain, even a forest if you feel like driving ten or so minutes north.  My problem is mainly laziness (and a baby as an excuse) so I never show it off.  These days I'm determined to make pictures just as interesting as my outfits.

Retrolicious Modcloth All Eyes On Unique dress in Gnomes 009

Retrolicious Modcloth All Eyes On Unique dress in Gnomes 018

Retrolicious Modcloth All Eyes On Unique dress in Gnomes 016

Retrolicious Modcloth All Eyes On Unique dress in Gnomes 003

Dress- Modcloth
Cardigan- Forever 21
Shoes- Urban Outfitters (similar)
Tights- H&M

I got this dress during the Modcloth Black Friday extravaganza.  Since I only had one winter themed dress at the time (which I'm so excited to show off next week) I decided a second wouldn't be a bad idea.  While the print is technically gnomes and not elves, it screams Christmas!  I actually have this same dress in a few other prints, and if said laziness doesn't take over, you'll be seeing those sometime in the new year.

At the moment I'm writing this blog post, but I really should be cleaning out my closet.  I'm ready to get rid of a bunch of things!  I'll hopefully be uploading them to my Shop My Closet store within a week or so, but let's say I'll try and have everything done by Christmas.  I'm really looking to create more space (my birthday is in two weeks!) so it will probably go pretty cheap. Keep your eyes peeled!




  1. Just wanted to say this, as I know there's been a time you've not liked it, your fringe/bangs in this photo look amazing. I love the way you've curled them. CC x

    1. Thank you! I figured I may as well embrace them while they're still here :).

  2. That dress is adorable. You are lucky you can get out and take photos. Right now I'd be in a snowdrift.


    1. Yesterday just happened to be perfect. Today it's a complete downpour!

  3. You look so pretty. I am in love with your hair.

  4. It is fun to see a different backdrop in your posts; always fun to add something new. Speaking of, I like this hairdo too!

  5. That dress is adorable! I love your hair like that, too :)

  6. Oh my, that dress is the cutest thing ever! Love it and it looks fantastic with your hair!

  7. That dress is too cute, and I love this way you styled your hair, it's got a perfect touch of retro to it!

  8. Gnomes on a dress, that's brilliant!! Your hair looks particularly cute here too and I love seeing a different backdrop, always nice to get a feel for the areas in which people live. It looks quite arid, it's quite different to the wet and green landscape around me! x

  9. What a lovely dress, love how you styled it.

  10. Your hair, it's killing me. So good.


  11. Oh wow- I love this dress so much! It's such a darling, unique print, and I think Christmas colors should be red and this shade of blue :) I had gnome Christmas cards one year, so I think they sometimes fill in for the elves ;) I love Cali for this very reason- so much diversity within a short drive!


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