Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Voodoo Vixen Daphne dress 007

Okay, so I know Christmas is actually tomorrow.  But as us Argentinians do, we celebrate tonight!  Our whole family is meeting up at our grandmother's house for some homemade empanadas and Argentinian desserts.  I know I don't look South American, but my mother immigrated here with her family as a young girl.  My dad is also Argentinian but was born here in the states.  Anyway, we like to eat, open presents, and stay up until midnight to celebrate Christmas.  I can't remember the last time I actually stayed up to celebrate, but at least I have Bianca as an excuse to go to bed early.  I have to be nice and rested for my 31st birthday tomorrow ;).

Voodoo Vixen Daphne dress 021

Voodoo Vixen Daphne dress 017

Voodoo Vixen Daphne dress 009

Voodoo Vixen Daphne dress 006

Dress- Voodoo Vixen
Shoes- Steve Madden
Hair piece- custom piece from NicCoCo Creations
Bracelet- c/o Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski

I've had my eye on this Voodoo Vixen dress for quite some time.  A very big part of me didn't want to buy this version (it also comes in a swing skirt) because I felt pretty uncomfortable with my post baby body.  That is, until I tried it on.  I don't know if it's my more mature thought process or the fact that this dress does wonders to everybody but I fell in love.  I wore it to the Unique Vintage Christmas party a few weeks ago and got tons of compliments!  I paired it with my favorite hair piece ever, my NicCoCo red star burst.  I think this dress might be too dressy for dinner tonight, but the hair piece will work its way into my outfit.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas!  I can't wait to celebrate this day with Bianca.  I'm way more excited to see her open her presents than I am to open my own Christmas/birthday gifts.  Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to see what Kevin got me (he gave me ZERO hints) but spending the day with my new family will be the best gift ever.




  1. Things I somehow didn't know: that you are Argentinian and that your birthday is on Christmas!! We celebrate tonight too (though it was just sort of a family tradition, rather than a cultural one). And goodness gracious, you look STUNNING in this dress!! It's perfect for the holidays, and you're seriously rocking the wiggle silhouette. I love the hair piece, too! Wishing you a wonderful holiday, dear friend.

    xox Sammi

    1. Just to clarify: I'm sure I must have known your birthday was on Christmas, but I am silly and forget sometimes :)

  2. Bonjour Ashley, Joyeux Noël à Vous.

  3. Happy birthday and Christmas! Absolutely gorgeous dress and that hairpiece is stunning, beautiful x

  4. Merry Christmas ! You look great!

  5. Ahh, this dress is FANTASTIC on you! Looking gorgeous, as always. Happy Birthday!!

  6. You look incredible in this dress!!

    Happy Birthday! And Merry Christmas. Celebrating with little ones is just so exciting, I am so thrilled you get to spend such a joyous day with your little cutie! x

  7. This is definitely a different silhouette from what you normally wear, and a different hairstyle too, and I love it! Angel's family also stays up till midnight on the eve to celebrate and open Christmas presents, though tamales is their traditional Christmas dish, so there's a few similarities between yours and Mexican traditions. :)

  8. Of course you're South American. It would explain your stunning features. I always thought it would be weird to share a birthday with Jesus, but it seems as though you have great traditions. Also this dress is perfect on you. Like 100% yr a knockout.

  9. This looks amazing on you! Happy Birthday -Fairfawn

  10. We celebrate both Christmas Eve and day with different sides of my family. I'm big on Christmas Eve celebrating! Why not stretch it two days? Also I had no idea you're Argentinian or that your birthday was on Christmas! How cool!

    And this dress. Holy crap it looks amazing on you! Your body looks perfect in it and I love the festive plaid pattern. I can see why this hair piece is your favorite too. It's so cool!

    Hope you had an amazing Christmas with your family!

    Jamie |


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