Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Full of Joy

daisytop 6

Am I the only one obsessed with the crop top/high waist bottom this summer?  I rarely wear anything but a great dress, but this combo has me exploring other options.  Thanks to Kristian, I got to wear her gorgeous circle skirt during one of our triple digit days.  It goes quite perfectly with a petticoat but it was much too hot for that many layers.  I like to keep it simple when it comes to sweltering heat!

daisytop 5


daisytop 3

Top- Target (remixed)
Skirt- borrowed from Kristian
Shoes- Sidecca
Ring- Modcloth (similar)

Well, Bianca officially knows how to throw a tantrum.  She acts like an absolute crazy person when she isn't getting what she wants.  Now that she's a bit older and understands that I'm not leaving her, I've decided to let her cry those tantrums out.  My fear is having "that child" you see in the grocery store so I'm curbing her bratty behavior now.  It's been really loud in this house, but I'm sure she will understand with time that this method is not going to work in the future.  Until then, I should probably invest in some ear plugs...



P.S. Joyce over at Joyful Outfits made me a new button!  Feel free to grab it on the right side of this page :)
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