Friday, June 27, 2014

Inspiration: Fourth of July

I know I can't be the only one who enjoys a good theme outfit!  Every fourth of July I find a cute and equally patriotic outfit to wear.  We usually stay home on this holiday so I'm always on the hunt for something that's casual and can handle the insane heat we experience every year.  Here are my picks from Modcloth that would make your outfit the talk of the party :).

Modcloth Captain's Blog Dress
Can you blame me for falling in love?  This is the perfect patriotic  dress.  Plus, you could proabably get a great twirl effect from it.  Am I the only one who thinks about that when purchasing a dress?

Modcloth Bow to Stern Scarf in Crimson Stripes
You can wear a scarf so many ways, but I think this would look best as a headscarf.  Perfect for holding your hair back on a hot summer day!

Modcloth Chalk of the Town Dress in Plaid
I love the modest cut of the Chalk of the Town dress (yes, it comes in more than one print!).  This plaid pattern is patriotic and reminds me of a picnic.  I think that's a great combo!

Modcloth United We Step Flat
As a mom, I'm big on wearing flat shoes these days.  These are ridiculously cute without having to sacrifice any comfort.  Who wants to wear heels to a BBQ anyway?

Modcloth No Ifs, Ants, or Buts Dress
Get outta here with the ant print dress!  Yes, the print is adorable but the matching belt and strawberry buttons on the shoulder really got me.  Oh, and pockets.  Need I say more?

Modcloth Keep Your Friends Cloche Hat
This hat is seriously swoonworthy.  It's casual enough to wear with an everyday outfit but pretty enough to stand out in the crowd.  This needs to get into my closet now!

Have you chosen your outfit for the 4th?  Whatever your outfit plans are, make sure to wear sunscreen!




  1. I love those flats! Very pretty. The dress is lovely also (1) ♥

  2. I tried to comment but I don't think it went through, gah! SO I've been eyeing the plaid and ant dresses, but somehow missed the first one (which I love)! It's perfect for Independence Day AND for twirling. Twirl effect is very important.

    xox Sammi

  3. Hi! I love your blog :) I followed you, and I hope you follow me back :)


  4. So many awesome picks! I'm loving those patriotic flats. My sister would be all over those too. She loves flag print stuff for whatever reason!

  5. Im dying over that plaid one, its nice because you could wear it all year round without being too patriotic versus something that literally has the american flag on it.

  6. Although this day has little significance to me over in the ol' UK, I can appreciate a red, white and blue colour palette as much as the next girl ;) weirdly, I keep finding myself dressing in these colours lately..! Great selection, the first dress is my fav x

  7. Ugh! I want all of these!!! How fun!

  8. Such adorable picks! That ant print dress has got to be my favorite (: it is perfection!

  9. Too much cute stuff, you're killing me! <3


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