Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fly Away With Me

modcloth on a barrel roll dress 8

Is it summer in your town yet?  We've had summer weather here for about six weeks now and this heat is crazy!  It doesn't help that the air conditioner in our home is about thirty years old.  It's one of those things that needs to get replaced, but the thought of spending five grand reminds me that maybe it isn't too bad yet.  I mean, it still works, right?  We're just lucky to have ceiling fans in every room.  It helps, but nights upstairs in our bedroom (aka the hottest room in the house) are rough.  On the up side, there's no need for cardigans with my dresses anymore!

modcloth on a barrel roll dress 4

modcloth on a barrel roll dress

modcloth on a barrel roll dress 9

modcloth on a barrel roll dress 11

Dress- Modcloth
Shoes- Target
Bracelet- Swarovski
Belt- Forever 21
Bow- handmade by Erica

This Modcloth dress is a dream!  Unfortunately, the fit in the bust isn't.  Thanks to previous reviews on their site I sized up.  Let's just say it wasn't nearly enough.  It zips, but it's really tight.  I decided to keep it because I can still wear a bandeau underneath and feel supported.  Plus, the print is insanely cute.  I'll still get tons of use out of this dress, but I think Bea & Dot needs to work out their sizing kinks.

Tomorrow my sister and I are going to the Pinup Girl Boutique to do some shopping.  I've loved their site since high school but I've never been to their store.  We will be looking for something for my sister to wear to a birthday party and I'm going to do my best to not buy anything.  Wish me luck!




  1. Oh, how can I wish you luck with that when I want to see you in their dresses? Well, good luck with it anyway!

    This dress is such a DREAM! The pattern is fantastic and the dark blue looks fantastic on you (so cute paired with the mint). Plus, you have perfectly matching shoes for it. Too bad the sizing is a little wonky.

  2. Soon she will be doing outfit posts on her own! :)

  3. I ADORE this dress! The colour and the pattern are brilliant. Too bad it is a bit tight. I always find I don't wear something that doesn't fit too well.


  4. This is not the first time I've heard about Bea & Dot having wonky sizing. Such a shame. But this dress does look lovely on you! And I love the bow you wore with it (:

  5. That dress looks fantastic on you! The color is the perfect complement to your hair, and the pattern is so unique. And pockets? I'd put up with a too-tight dress, too, if it was that lovely. I love that you matched the shoes but went for a pink gingham bow in your hair! Have fun dressing for the heat! 

  6. This looks so cute on you, and it's such a great color. Sigh, unfortunately the Bea & Dot sizing issues are not new to me. They really need to sort that out. But ah I'm so jealous you're going to PUG! <3

    xox Sammi

  7. too cute...i love the fun print. i do not like when brand's sizes are inconsistent, of the reasons i hesitate purchasing online!

    it's definitely summer here, now, and i'm loving it! beach bound as often as i can. going to get a little nerdy here, but just a thought...i know it costs $$ to replace the AC, but newer systems are much more efficient and could save you money on your electric bill in the long run :)

  8. Absolutely beautiful outfit again! I love combining different shades of blue!

    xo Sonja

  9. Awwww what great pictures!:) Your little one is just so photogenic- like you! Anyway, love that dress so much... You always have the cutest things!
    xo Olivia

  10. That dress is gorgeous! Love the pattern! And your little gal is getting so big!


  11. This dress reminds me of the Wright Brothers Memorial! Haha! I was just there today. :) Awesome.

    xo Kimi

  12. This dress is incredible. The print is ridiculously amazing and it looks perfect with your hair, but that's just about everything you wear. I never thought of wearing a bandeau with tighter dresses. That's kind of brilliant. And I feel you, I am on the second floor and have ZERO air. Well, I have a window one in my room, but it's not fun being quarantined. I think living in perpetual summer would be both great and awful.

  13. That dress is amazing on you! What a cute mommy you are..she is just too precious <3 Have fun at PUG!


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