Friday, February 14, 2014

My Heart Is Full

Happy Valentine's Day!  I'm not really one to celebrate this holiday but having a baby made me reconsider that decision.  I think it's wonderful that my husband will have two valentines from now on and I made sure he got a card from the both of us :).  This was also the first time I've taken outfit pictures with Bianca.  She did so well and I was really excited to get her dressed up for this special day.  Check out her debut!







Dress- Gift from Jessica (remixed here and here)
Skirt- Ebay (remixed)
Shoes- Forever 21
Bracelet- Forever 21
Bianca's outfit- Carter's

This is one of my favorite dresses pretty much ever.  Jessica gave it to me awhile back and I love to remix it.  I haven't shown too many remixes of it on my blog (so dumb) but I figured I today would be a great time to start.  I have a tulle obsession and pairing this gorgeous skirt with my dress seemed like the perfect Valentine's Day outfit.  Maybe I'll even get to wear it out!

I mentioned in a previous post that Bianca had some Valentine's Day photos taken.  Here are a few of those shots!





What are your plans for this special day?  I'm still not ready to leave my baby with anyone so Kevin and I will probably have a quiet evening at home.  We would rather spend the night with our little family than be out wondering what she's doing and if she's okay.  Hopefully by next week we will venture out by ourselves (it's Kevin's 30th birthday!).




  1. I love this look so much and Bianca is a doll- both in the photos of you together and in the XOXO prop ones! A Doll!

  2. How adorable! She is so cute and these photos are so precious

  3. you look awesome, mama! and those photos of the little one had me going "awwww" out loud and everyone around me gave me a strange look :P
    Adorable ladies!!

  4. Beautiful, Ashley!! I love the cyan skirt paired with the red -- such a great color combination. And omgg Bianca's little feet and little heart outfit!!! So precious! I hope you and your little family have a wonderful Valentine's Day <3

    xox Sammi

  5. I loved this post! Bianca's pictures came out so cute and I love your outfit! The red and blue color combo looks so pretty and is super cute for Valentine's. That tulle skirt is perfection!

  6. You two are so, so cute! Beautiful post!

  7. You look gorgeous!! And Bianca is too precious! But seriously you look amazing, I hope I look that good that soon after giving birth <3

  8. You look so amazing! I love that skirt so much! And little Bianca is also just adorable! Have a wonderful day with your family!


  9. So much cute! I can barely stand it. You look gorgeous in those colors, and your baby is utterly delightful. What a gem. :)


  10. The tulle skirt is so cute and I love that color on you! Bianca is so so so adorable, shes so tiny it makes my heart melt!

  11. Love the outfit! I don't think I'd ever have thought to put a pastel blue with bright red but it looks great!
    Love the pics with Bianca. She's so teeny tiny! I miss having a wee little baby lol! You look super happy and absolutely radiant :)

    Amber Jade
    Fairytales and Following Trails

  12. what a sweetheart! and you look fantastic in that dress!

  13. Awww! You two look adorable!


  14. Awww so much cuteness going on here! I just love the festive baby pictures and that Bianca got to be in your outfit pictures today. You did a wonderful job remixing that red dress. Your blue tulle skirt is gorgeous and I love how that shade of blue looks with red. Hooray for awesome colors!

  15. Love this look! One of my fave color combos at the moment - actually just posted an outfit with aqua & blue on my blog! :) And she's so tiny & adorable!

  16. Both baby and mommy look beautiful, happy and healthy!

  17. Oh my goodness gracious - you were made to be a momma. WOW. So beautiful, Ashley. <3

  18. This is such a great remix. I didn't even notice that was the dress and it's perfect for Valentine's Day. Also Bianca is adorable!! She's so teeny in your arms.

  19. Beautiful outfit and such an adorable baby!! I love your style so much!!

  20. Adorable debut from Bianca :) And tulle is great on you! I can't rock it, but if I could I would!

  21. haha awwww she's so so so adorable! i love how you two sort of matched, i don't think i'll ever get tired of seeing photos of her. and that's so sweet kev will now have two valentines- lucky man ;)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin


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