Sunday, February 9, 2014

Being Human


It's been over a month since I've given birth and all I can think about is yoga.  In about two weeks I'll be cleared to work out again and I really can't wait.  Although I've gone back to my old size (except my chest... that will remain "out of control" until I decide to stop breastfeeding) I have no muscle tone.  I was pretty bummed when I was forced to stop working out many months ago and the hiatus has had quite an effect on both my body and my self image.  I hate to sound like I'm obsessed, but I guess I'm just really determined to feel normal again.  It's not a matter of "if" but "when".  I happen to be a self motivated obsessive compulsive person with a great desire to have some inner peace these days.






Tights- H&M
Shoes- Forever 21
Bracelet- Betsey Johnson

I absolutely love this dress (I even blogged about it here)!  It's just another addition to my growing smock dress collection.  I love the detachable gold sequined collar and I actually found some side pockets while taking it off yesterday.  It's kind of perfect for me.  It's super comfortable and really easy to build an outfit around it.  Since I don't get out very much these days and I'm always busy at home, the easier it is to get dressed, the better.  Like I said pre-motherhood, I am determined maintain my style no matter what!




  1. This dress is a great piece, it looks incredibly comfortable!! And I love that sequinned collar, what a great statement.
    I hear ya, I know after surgery not being able to work out for 6 weeks killed me, and then slowly getting into things was frustrating. I am the same way, with that kind of stuff. But you'll get there!!

  2. Lovely!

  3. you are glowing :)
    such a cute dress, the collar really makes it special and great styling with the boots! xx

  4. That dress is so cute, that purple color is so perfect on you! You're definitely a styling mom!

  5. I can't believe that F21 is selling these! They are knock offs of those beautiful designer ones that I dream of. They look so good with this dress. I personally would never wear a dress without any shape -- that TERRIFIES me, but I think you pull it off so very well and the color is stunning on you. I imagine this will be a dress you can wear over and over a million different ways.

  6. 1. Your dress is beautiful, the shoes are fabulous, and the ombre in your hair is stunning!
    2. I appreciate your honesty about your body frustration, but let's not forget that you GREW a human! Your body is amazing no matter the shape, size, or type. I hope that you get the okay to work out soon so it makes YOU feel good, but just know we all think you're gorgeous now. ;)


  7. This is a different silhouette for you but very glamorous. I don't think it is weird or obsessive of you to want yoga and can't wait for you to be able to do something you love and enjoy.

  8. It is great that you already have your pre baby body back. Plus I'm sure your husband doesn't mind the bigger boobs : )

    I love the colour of that dress. So pretty with your hair.

    Hope you get back to the yoga soon. I know it'll sooth your mind and body.


  9. Ok, first off your hair is GORGEOUS! Second off, I adore your blog. You have such a sweet space :)

  10. Those sunglasses are the bomb! I'm glad to hear how determined you are about getting back into your routine. I need to get MY ass in gear, too, and I don't have an excuse, like having a baby.

    xo Ashley

  11. as pretty as always..purple always looked nice on you..

    xo josephine

  12. I think you look awesome in this blue velvet dress! Those boots are super cool too and look fantastic with it. You look wonderful!


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