Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What's on My Radar: Current Loves

I know it's the dead of winter but I'm already looking forward to spring.  Not because the weather is much better (we tend to have only 1-2 seasons out here) but because pastels start making their way out of your closet.  I'm the kind of person who will wear bright colors all year but it's fun to see what's out this season.  Here are my handpicked favorites:

You can never have too many polka dot cardigans!  I think this piece would brighten up any outfit, especially if you want to take that cute winter LBD into spring.

Okay, I know this is being advertised as a "dress", but I think this would be a great sexy nightgown.  I love the color and the lace on the bottom is so pretty.  You can still look fabulous, even if you're just going to bed :).

 I've been looking for some cute pink ballet flats and these are surely my favorite.  I tend to go through ballet flats like crazy and I need to have a pair in every color.  These are not only practical but perfectly priced.

Who wouldn't want to add this adorable crocheted jacket to their wardrobe?  This piece can instantly transform a plain t shirt and jeans outfit into something whimsical and feminine.  I'd personally wear it with one of my favorite printed dresses for some extra texture.

This is a pastel lovers dream!  It's also on my Modcloth wishlist.  The dress has a great full skirt that is dying to be paired with a petticoat.

Will you be adding some pretty pastel pieces for the upcoming spring season?




  1. That dress would be so beautiful as a nightgown!

  2. Is it acceptable to wear that mint night dress as a casual dress in the daytime? Because I would! I want it but it's a bit overpriced :x

  3. That nightgown/ dress is SO pretty! Also, LOVED the little pup guarding the baby picture from FB, it was the cutest thing ever!
    xo Hannah

  4. so cute. the fun pastel colors scream spring and warmer temperatures! =D

  5. I love that Lulu's dress, so cute! Your right it makes a great nightgown too!

  6. You always pick the best things, and I always want all of them (especially that cardigan!). I can totally see you in that last dress!

  7. You are making me so excited for Spring with these lovely stuff.....love the dress-cum-sexy night dress!!


  8. I think pastels are really pretty but I am sick of wearing them...did it a lot last year. I'm more of a concentrated color kind of person as well so I'm just going to stick to my roots ;) I LOVE the mustard polka dot cardi!


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