Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lessons Learned


While I'm usually pretty awesome at buying clothes online (I've only had to return something for bad sizing once!) this particular dress got the best of my judgement.  When I first found out I was pregnant I went a little crazy at ASOS and bought three maternity dresses.  Two out of the three were a little large but workable.  This number, however, was a tent.  FYI, maternity sizes reflect your pre-pregnancy size so don't size up like I did.  I know they have free returns but it takes forever and I'm quite impatient.  So I took a little tip from Midwest Muse and belted the tent.  It worked!





Dress- ASOS maternity (on sale!)
Shoes- Target
Belt- Modcloth
Bracelet- Betsey Johnson
Bag- Forever 21

I don't normally go for orange hues when shopping but I think it's a great color for the season.  I figured mix and matching a bunch of my leopard accessories would work with the orange dress as well.  I'm really happy with this outfit and plan on wearing it more often.

Does anyone else like it better when their hair is a day or two "old" aka dirty?  When I curl my hair I always love it two days out.  It sounds gross but I'll wash it once it's lost the curl.  Maybe I just need to learn how to do a looser curl?  Guess it's time to hit the Pinterest boards!




  1. This colour looks so gorgeous on you!!! Belting it gives it great shape too. I find the different sizes on topshop/asos a bit confusing and never know which one to get so I usually end up with things too big.
    Hair a couple days old always holds its style better, not gross I'm definietly the same way!!

  2. Hi Ashley, you are so radiant in red, the dress is really lovely and the belt worked perfectly to size it down. You have the most beautiful maternity style.

  3. This colour looks great on you, especially with the leopard accents. Belts are a solution to half of our fashion crisis.

    My hair is just straight as a bone and very hard to curl. If I leave it for several days it just gets oily and flatter and sticks to my head. I wish it took to curls like yours does.


  4. this is super cute and looks good! love the belt
    ladies in navy

  5. That dress is very cute with the belt! I have naturally curly hair, so I like to wash mine just about every day, because just like curling iron curls, my hair tends to straighten after it's slept on, and I prefer the curly look!

  6. Great idea to belt it! I think it looks really cute that way! I love orange too, so very fun!

  7. I'm glad you were able to make the dress looks cute with the belt! I just ordered something online the other day and I have to return it because it doesn't fit. I should learn my lesson by now :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Scarf Giveaway!

  8. That trick worked a treat because you look fantastic in them.

  9. That dress is so cute! I'd never know that it doesn't fit right because it looks perfect on you! I love the leopard accessories with that color too.

  10. Cute! I like :)
    Kisses, Marlene

  11. This color looks sooo amazing on you! As I was scrolling down, I saw your bracelet and immediately thought of Betsey Johnson haha :D

    Curls always seem to last forever with dirty hair. I like to do tighter ones so it'll eventually drop and loosen up in 1-2 days.. then last for another 2!

  12. A lot of people say their 2nd hair day is better, and it's good to not wash your hair all the time of course! I don't know how people can do that though, I work out and sweat an obscene amount on my face that my hair looks I HAVE to wash it :/

  13. I always love my hair the most, one day after I wash it. It lays perfectly and does exactly what I want it to. Then by the next day, I can't stand it, lol. I wash it maybe twice a week (gross?) but it's so dry, if I wash it anymore than that, it breaks! Dry shampoo is the way to go! You look beautiful, girl. :) Your belly seems to be getting bigger and cuter by the day! Eeep!

    xo Ashley

  14. Just to say: I'm glad all those maternity tags that say "but your pre pregnancy size" hold true for someone! :). I did not have that experience in the least! Went into pregnancy a 6: wore 10-12 maternity every time. Guess we all are pregnant in different ways...and I have a girl, too, *and* I'm tall, so so much for both the old wives' tales that suggest the sex of the baby affects how you carry, or the one that suggests you look "less" pregnant with height. Related to something many posts back for you, but re maternity tights: never bought them. Sizing up to Queen worked just fine, truly no discomfort. Less expensive, too.

  15. This dress is so pretty on you. I think orange is a hard color to pull off and you do it well. And ironically enough, I have that belt in green! You really are subconsciously channeling me!

    Also I didn't know you watched 24. Or maybe I did and I forgot. This officially makes you my favorite person. I am beyond excited for the new series next year. I miss Jack Bauer. And yes, you should watch Breaking Bad. It's very emotional and I was always a mess watching it, but it's totally WORTH it. TV history right there.

    I wish my hair looked this good curly, day of or even a few days later. You are lucky!

  16. I love how happy you look in these pictures! That flats are adorable! I love my two day old hair as well, the curls turn out so much more natural looking!

  17. You are so beautiful in these pictures! The dress is so lovely with that belt, and I also love how long your hair is!

    Just lovely.

    Have a fantastic day,

  18. Such a lovely outfit! It looks perfect on you.

    I've been eying that Betsey Johnson bracelet for a while now, and seeing the way you've styled it just makes me want it even more!

  19. This dress looks so great on you! Never would have expected that it was a tent! I really love the color as well - so pretty!


  20. Ah, I hate it when something online doesn't fit! But it looks like you made the most of it- your belt is so cute!

    Xo, Hannah

  21. You look darling! It doesn't look bad at all with the belt added, you can't even tell it was a tent! It looks amazing belted and that belt is so perfectly cute with it and the clutch, I love this look!

  22. ugh, don't get me started on sizes and returns! lately i've been having a bad streak and i hate returning!! i think the dress looks great belted, and i like the color on you!!



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