Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Baby Shower Recap

First off, sorry for being so absent from the Internet lately.  Life has been more than a little crazy and I've barely had enough time to catch my breath, let alone blog.  Anyway, this past Saturday was our baby shower with our friends.  We decided to host it at our house because we never had a "housewarming" get together and figured we could combine the two.  I'm lucky enough to have three amazing and crafty girlfriends who not only planned the activities, but decorated my house for the shower as well.  While the entire ordeal was a complete whirlwind, I managed to take just a few pictures to share with you :).  I hope you enjoy!

Love this man (and this dress!)

Baby shower 016

Baby shower 014
The cat is out of the bag!
Baby shower 009
The headband making station.  Such a wonderful touch!
Baby shower 010

Baby shower 013

Baby shower 012
The bow staircase
Baby shower 004
The food table (before the food)
Baby shower 001

The backyard was also decorated with cute pink accessories but I was much too consumed with hosting to take pictures.  I completely regret it now!  I couldn't imagine a more perfect day and I'm going to remember it forever :)


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