Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Baby Shower Recap

First off, sorry for being so absent from the Internet lately.  Life has been more than a little crazy and I've barely had enough time to catch my breath, let alone blog.  Anyway, this past Saturday was our baby shower with our friends.  We decided to host it at our house because we never had a "housewarming" get together and figured we could combine the two.  I'm lucky enough to have three amazing and crafty girlfriends who not only planned the activities, but decorated my house for the shower as well.  While the entire ordeal was a complete whirlwind, I managed to take just a few pictures to share with you :).  I hope you enjoy!

Love this man (and this dress!)

Baby shower 016

Baby shower 014
The cat is out of the bag!
Baby shower 009
The headband making station.  Such a wonderful touch!
Baby shower 010

Baby shower 013

Baby shower 012
The bow staircase
Baby shower 004
The food table (before the food)
Baby shower 001

The backyard was also decorated with cute pink accessories but I was much too consumed with hosting to take pictures.  I completely regret it now!  I couldn't imagine a more perfect day and I'm going to remember it forever :)




  1. Looks lovely. You look radiant.


  2. Such a great photo of the two of you!! Your house looks so darling, I love all the decorations for the baby shower, such sweet touches. Sounds like a good time!!

  3. Oh, this party looks like it was such fun and filled with such love.

  4. Awww!! It looks like a lovely party!

  5. So cute! It looks like it was a really fun shower! I love the cat dress you wore too!

  6. You look adorable in that dress! I love the headband making station...what a fun idea!

    The Tiny Heart

  7. The craft station is the cutest thing ever and I love that it's another thing for the guests to do. And that cat dress? Definitely the perfect outfit choice for the shower. You're glowing!!! :)

  8. Looks like a fun celebration! I'm jealous of your dress- I've had my eye on ebay for one for awhile, someday it will be mine! :)

  9. beautiful and congrats...im excited to excited your baby soon

  10. Such a cute shower! Don't worry about not taking pictures. Be glad you got to enjoy the day fully. :) Take some of those decorated headbands though? That's a great idea!

    xo Ashley

  11. How perfect! Looks so lovely!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  12. Obsessed with this dress! All the decorations are so adorable, too

  13. How wonderful that your baby shower was such a success! I love all of the adorable decorations :)

    Xo, Hannah


  14. So so cuuute!! :) I hope you had delicious yummy things to eat! That dress is so adorable on you.

    xox Sammi

  15. Aw it looks so cute and that dress is adorable!

  16. everything looks gorgeous! and I love your baby's name:)

  17. In love with the headband idea, so perfect and so very you. Also I'm glad her name is finally public! But that's probably because I'm name obsessed. Also that dress is wonderful on you. But I have a hard time not thinking that your pups are a little envious of it.

  18. This is all so cute! Love the headband station and how there are bows all along your staircase! The Hello Kitty cupcakes that you posted on IG looked sooooo good too. Glad to hear your wedding shower was so fun!


    p.s. you ROCKED that cat print dress. gah, so cute!

  19. Does it say Bianca?! Sorry, my eyes are horrible! If so, I absolutely love that name! Looks like you had a great shower and everything is so adorable (including you!) :)

  20. the headband making station is too perfect, hope you made some adult sized ones for yourself as well : ). and how wonderful of your kind friends! i can't imagine planning all that yourself and you def have a good excuse to be out of blogging for a bit, i feel exhausted just thinking of pregnancy haha. you're looking just as gorgeous and radiant as always though Ashley! and yay Bianca! my imaginary friend as a kid (named after The Rescuers : ).
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  21. Aww such cute decorations, and what great friends you have to decorate for you!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  22. These pictures are just so adorable! Looks like you had a great time!


  23. awww the bow station was such a great idea what a pretty set up I can't wait til my shower I hope you got tons of cute things for your baby awwwwwwwww!!!

  24. Ohhh headband station!! Awesome idea! :-) I am addicted to baby headbands...must get one of every color it seems!

  25. the bow station was such a cute idea :) lovely shower and your cat dress is awesome!!


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