Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pregnancy: Week 28

I've finally made it into my third trimester!  With delivery only twelve weeks away (approximately) I'm finally starting to feel like the end is near.  Which is actually a little daunting because I feel so unprepared!  Not emotionally, but I feel like there are so many things we need to buy to make B feel comfortable when she arrives.  I guess most parents never feel completely prepared, but my OCD self wants to get as much together as possible.


I'm still feeling pretty great most of the time, but I'm starting to feel the effects of having a bigger belly.  Simple things like doing your own pedicure or tying your shoelaces have become virtually impossible.  Getting dressed is becoming more of a challenge too.  I still haven't invested in any more maternity clothing since my initial purchase at ASOS and I plan on keeping it that way.  So I'm getting pretty creative with the dresses I own and I have high hopes for these next couple months.  Wish me luck!




Little miss B is doing great as well!  I probably won't be having another ultrasound so I won't have any new pictures until she is actually here.  But she is more active than ever!  She likes to start kicking me awake at 4:30am on the dot.  Luckily that's only about fifteen minutes before I actually get up for work so it doesn't bother me... most days.  I learned how to count her kicks just to make sure she's doing okay.  And in case she's being a little lazy, I just have a glass of orange juice to get her moving again.  Maybe I'm the most morbid person ever, but I've done enough C-sections to know that babies are constantly born with their umbilical cords wrapped around their necks.  While it's common (and doesn't interfere with the health of the baby), I want to make sure I keep track of her movements so I can detect any fetal distress.  Becoming a mother completely turned me into a basket case and this is just one of the several things that pass through my crazy head.

My first baby shower is in four days!  I'm really excited to have all my friends over to celebrate our new home and our baby.  While we have had company over, we haven't thrown a party this big in... well, ever!  It's been a little on the stressful side but I have some great friends and siblings helping us along the way.  I am sure it's going to be memorable :)

I think after the 30th week I'll start updating more often.  We're getting close to the home stretch and I want to make sure I document everything.  Since we may not have more than one child I need to make the best of this pregnancy!


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