Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Room For One More

I know I barely brushed on my new rescue on my last post, so I decided to dedicate this one to our new little boy.  If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'll know that I've had chihuahuas all my life.  I lost my 16 year old chihuahua (I had him since he was 8 weeks old!) in 2010 and I can't even begin to describe how devastating that loss was.

In 2011 we rescued out first chihuahua, little Paczki, and he really filled that huge hole in my heart (you can read about that experience HERE).  Then a year later we rescued yet another little boy, Tommy.  It truly felt like our little family was complete.  Our dogs get along perfectly and we couldn't imagine adding any other furry family members to our home.  That is, until now.


Last week one of Kevin's coworkers found a little chihuahua on a busy Los Angeles freeway.  He was starved and pretty much left to fend for himself.  She posted a picture of him on her Facebook and I (of course) fell in love.  Kevin has been pretty adamant about not having any more pets so I wasn't expecting to adopt him at all.  But after hearing about his awful story my husband came home with him the next day.  Surprise!  We decided to take him for the weekend to see how he does with our two boys.


Rocco is such a sweet chihuahua.  He has a cleft right front paw (which resembles a lobster claw) so he only walks on three legs.  He's definitely an older dog and looks like he has glaucoma in one of his eyes.  He looks like he's been through a lot in his life but it definitely hasn't affected his demeanor.  He's not really used to kisses and cuddles but he's surely gotten used to it these last few days.

The boys were not really excited to get a new member in their pack.  At first they wanted to kill him!  But after a few hours they accepted him into the house.  While they don't really hang out with him yet, they do acknowledge him as a member of the family.  I'm sure in a few weeks (especially after he gets neutered) they will all be best buds.

rocco and paczki

As you can probably tell, we decided to keep the little guy.  Even if it had been more difficult, I don't think I would have had the heart to pass him off to anyone else.  I don't think many people are ready to adopt an older dog with a deformed leg!  I think having Rocco in our lives was surely destiny and I love coming home to a chihuahua brigade.  I'm pretty sure that what I've always wanted.  Three dogs and a baby on the way!




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