Sunday, August 18, 2013

Living the Dream


Yesterday was such a wonderful day.  I had the chance to celebrate the marriage between one of my closest friends and her new husband.  Well, not so new.  She was actually married almost two years ago in Australia and didn't tell anyone until a few months ago.  While some people may find that strange, it's definitely something my friend would do and I think their private ceremony was perfect for them.  Since they were already married, we got to skip the boring ceremony part of a normal wedding and went right to the reception.  It was a such a great time!






Dress- Modcloth
Shoes- c/o Deb Shops
Headband- Forever 21
Necklace- Tiffany & Co.
Bracelet- Swarovski

I bought this dress specifically for the wedding when Modcloth had their 50% off sale a few weeks back.  I've had this number on my wishlist for months but it was just out of my budget.  Even though the reviews were less than stellar, I decided to snag it once it went on sale.  When it came in the mail I was so excited that it not only fit, but was much better quality than I expected.  I received so many compliments and I look forward to remixing it in the future (provided that it still fits!).

In my last post I mentioned that I've been struggling in the blogging department lately.  The usual hours I spent on my computer are now replaced by just living life.  Does that make any sense?  I have been feeling monstrous guilt for not posting my usual three times a week but I've also realized that I shouldn't be putting those types of deadlines on myself.  Sometimes I treat this hobby more like a chore and that's when it stops being fun.  So if I happen to post a little less often, it's just because I want to enjoy my time away from blogging and prepare myself for motherhood.  Honestly, those mommies who blog on the regular are heros!  Who knows, maybe these lack of deadlines will actually spark some enthusiasm back into my blog.  Either way, I'll be sure to post my pregnancy progresses and whatever outfit photos I take.  

I hope you understand and continue to read!




  1. Looking absolutely gorgeous. Those shoes!
    Many congratulations to your friend
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  2. This dress is amazing on you. The print is really different for your usual style. I love reading ModCloth reviews...they are so inconsistent that I never actually know what I am buying. Also your hair looks redish. I really like it!

    And I think limiting yourself as far as the blog deadlines go, is HORRIBLE. I try and blog three times total a week. Two outfits, one whatever else and whenever it feels like a chore...I just don't do it. Plain and simple. It's nice to take a step back and live. If you aren't livin' what can you even blog about?! It's okay to seek inspiration. Hell, I think it's a necessity. I also have to wonder how much neglect some bloggers children get...just kidding. Sort of.

    Anddddd yes, I am pretty awkward. I think with you it was different because I already felt like I knew you? Throw me in with a complete stranger and I'm like "wait, what is this small talk? i'm bored." But I'm glad some people don't see me that way!

    Lastly, I'm glad you came back to the internet! I got a little worried the other night when you'd been MIA for days on all the networks.

    Wait, no there's more: I have serious blog design issues and I'll like something and then see all of it's flaws. This time around my sidebar was over crampin' me and then there's that whole my header was stolen thing and I felt weird about it. I am promising myself to not change it for at least four months. But I feel happier with this? One day, I'll shell out the $600 for a real designer, but until then...

  3. You look so lovely in that dress- I love it.

    And, hey, life happens and it is more important!

  4. Hey you're completely allowed to cut back on blogging whenever you feel the need! I often feel stressed about scheduling posts ahead of time but I know if I have to I can take a few days and not think about it. I didn't feel like blogging much around when George died so June has fewer posts for me, but everyone understands. If they don't that's their problem! You go live life!

    Anyway this dress is awesome! I love the fun print and how cute you look in it. I've been wanting a spiky headband like yours all summer too! It's such a perfect accessory to give a bit of edge to an outfit. Also your yellow shoes are adorable. An all-around awesome outfit!

  5. This dress is so flattering on your shape!

  6. Giiirl I totally feel ya, when blogging feels like a chore you definitely need to take a step back and take a break. It can be so time consuming and you have so much going on in your life to be enjoying!!! It's hard with a full schedule for sure, but there's nothing wrong with cutting back.
    This dress is so awesome, perfect for a wedding, which sounds lovely! I kind of really like that they got married and kept it a secret. That's so cool! Also your hair is looking super gorgeous, love this shade on you

  7. That dress is totally gorgeous on you! And it's so fun to celebrate weddings--whether the actual ceremony happened on that day or not!

  8. Hi sweety, you look so beautiful in this dress, it compliments you wonderfully. Thats a great idea having a get together for friends and family, even if it wasnt on the wedding day. Its normal to have days where blogging seems like a chore, and when it does, take a break, get refreshed and find new inspiration...soon you will be back to post all your new ideas.

  9. Oh, I totally feel your friend. The ceremony part can be pretty boring! I played at a wedding this summer and it definitely dragged on. But congrats to her, what an exciting time!!

    As for your outfit, you're one stunning mama to be! I'm glad you did pick up this dress--the pattern is so cool. And your headband goes well with it!

    Don't worry about the blogging--I totally understand. Especially in my situation now with school starting. We blog because we love it and if it starts feeling like a chore, we need to take a step back. We blog how we live, not live to blog.

    Ooh, what an exciting time for you! So glad you'll keep us updated, Ashley! You deserve a break if you need it though. Have a lovely week!

  10. Is it just me or do I spy some red in those glorious tresses of yours? ;)

    Ahem. The dress is adorable. I don't see a lot of zig-zag pieces out there. They're such a perfect alternative to stripes.

    Don't worry about the blogging thing to much. I try to post as much as I can but sometimes if life gets in the way, then you just gotta roll with the punches. As long as you keep wowing me with dresses like this, I won't complain. :P


  11. What a lovely dress! I don't think if I like it more than the shoes, though hahaha

    Yellow Blog
    In need of a blog design makeover? I can help you!

  12. Life is life dear. You have to live it and enjoy it. Don't worry about not posting for a while because this pregnancy is a journey for you. If anything i would say just share through instagram as it is instant and less tedious. :D I will be on the look out for your posts whenever you do have time to share.

    Love love the shoes by the way.



  13. You look lovely! Post at your leisure dear! I've had a love/hate thing going on since April and just started posting again today. Such a shame I know! Glad to come back to your blog, and super duper late, but congrats on the little bundle of joy!


  14. This dress is stunning on you, and it seems like you had a wonderful time at your friend's wedding! I totally understand how you felt chained to your computer, and it's much better to just relax and enjoy life.

    Xo, Hannah

  15. It looks like it was definitely worth the wait on this dress. I recently scored a dress for the same reason and I'm so glad that I waited until it was at such a great price that I couldn't refuse. You look fabulous in this dress!

    I completely understand how it can be hard to blog regularly. I haven't been at it as long as you, but I've gone from a few times a week, to once a month, to once a week, and none of it was ever planned. It's really difficult to work, have a life and spend a significant amount of time keeping up with blogging.

    It should be something you WANT to do and the break may make you WANT to blog even more.

    I will still be reading :)

    xoxo Jackie

  16. Yea definitely don't make any when you feel like it...haha I would get to lazy too..towards the end of my pregnancy...I would just read my fave blogs on an app...I wouldn't even turn on my computer!

  17. I love the reception part too, so much more fun! And I love this dress you wore to it, the dress is so gorgeous and I really like the bright yellow shoes.

    And I totally understand! Blogging shouldn't be a chore, it should be something fun. Will continue reading :)

  18. You look so beautiful Ashley. The dress is gorgeous on you and I love the shoes you chose to go with it. Also your last post really made my day; I felt so happy reading it.

  19. Nothing wrong with living life! You need to do as much of that as you can right now before baby comes!!

    And this dress is darling, it looks great!

  20. You look gorgeous! And the reception sounds like so much fun! I'm glad you're taking time to actually enjoy your life right now, and aren't feeling bogged down with any obligation you may feel for blogging. Things like this have to change at least a little bit when your lifestyle undergoes a drastic change, and it's important to have priorities! Plus, this way, I'll just look forward to your posts even more!

    xox Sammi

  21. You look STUNNING! Honestly, you make being pregnant look so glamorous with your existing wardrobe. It's so creative to see how you've been working existing pieces as your body changes.


  22. I've definitely found that sometimes when you have a lot going on in life (ie becoming a mom!), you need to take a break and breath a little - blogging can totally take a backburner for awhile (and no worries, your readers will totally still be here!)

  23. I love that dress on you! The pattern is too cute. I'm glad you had a great time at the wedding and that you've been enjoying yourself before the baby gets here! Definitely don't worry so much about your blog deadlines. We will all be here to support you no matter how often you post!

  24. Living life is the best we can all do! We need that!

    You look fantastic! I can see why you've received compliments on that dress!

  25. I was going through the same thing with my blog the other week (& you gave me some very helpful advice on that, so thanks!). I totally get when blogging feels like more like a chore. I just know it's time for a little break.

    And now, just a quick comment on the outfit: Love it, especially the b & w with the yellow pop :)

    Flounces & Hubbub

  26. beautiful dress... it's a perfect match on your shoes!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  27. that dress is so pretty! i love the pattern and the shape, super styling!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

  28. Thank you for your visit Ashley, have a great Tuesday!

  29. Your hair is so gorgeous! I love that every time you colour or style it, you always look incredible. I spend lots of time thinking about outfits but I never have much inspiration with my hair. Boo.

    You needn't feel bad about taking a break! Everyone gets furstrated with it. I hate feeling like it is an obligation and can get all guilt-sucked when I don't post. That's silly though. You should post when you feel inspired. It's a hobby so it should always be fun.

    Also, modcloth reviews always put me off! The only thing I own from there is a panda faced wok because all the clothing descriptions say things don't fit you if you have hips/boobs/are short which is all of me. And as they don't do returns to the UK and it's expensive I've never yet dared. But then bloggers seem to love it.

  30. Time away sometimes sparks some new ideas, and that may be enough to get you back on here regularly. No one's gonna blame a soon-to-be mommy who needs a little "me time", for not blogging. Take your time, girl!

    As for the dress, you always look great. I can't get over how cute your little belly bump is under dresses :) And I love your headband.. what can I say? Studs have my heart.

    xo Ashley

  31. Take all the time you need girl! It's totally understandable. I'm not even a mom or expecting and sometimes I need a break from the constant blog world.
    Your hair looks super pretty here and I absolutely love this dress! Perfect with your lovely yellow wedges :) Congrats to your friend!

  32. adorable post my dear, and you look gorgeous
    i would love to follow each other with bloglovin,
    lot's of love,

  33. That dress is just so adorable on you! I really love the pattern! And I know exactly what you mean about blogging - it is just a hobby for most of us, so it is supposed to be fun, but then we feel bad when we are actually living instead of blogging. So silly of us! :)


  34. Loving the print of this dress! Modcloth can do no wrong haha. And the headband adds the perfect touch! :)

    Rachel Emma
    Daydream Frenzy

  35. A beautiful dress for a beautiful mama-to-be! What a lovely celebration.

  36. Love this dress!!! And it looks beautiful styled with yellow shoes :D


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