Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sugar Girl


Sometimes I work these awful six day work weeks and I really hate life for those six days.  Then I get that Monday off and I remember why I subject myself to such torture.  On a regular week I work eight to twelve hours a day and I pretty much collapse on the couch at night.  Then weekends are spent with my husband running errands and conducting little home improvement projects.  So that rare and special Monday off, alone at home, is really worth it.

I decided to spend this past Monday getting out of my comfort zone and going on a mini road trip to take these pictures.  There are many reasons why I love Jessica's blog, Midwest Muse, but her photo locations always amaze me.  I wish I had the time/motivation to do this all the time because I really love all the potential photo locations just blocks away from my home.  I'm going to try to make this a more frequent thing but don't count on it.  These days I'm lazier than ever!






Dress- c/o Deb Shops
Shoes- Forever 21
Belt- c/o Deb Shops
Bag- Forever 21
Jewelry- Forever 21
Headband- Forever 21

It's weird, some days I feel mega-huge (I wish that was a word) and others I feel more like me.  I guess a lot of times it depends on what I'm wearing.  This Deb Shops dress has been sitting in my closet and I had yet to actually wear it.  I find that it's really light and breathable and it doesn't make me look huge.  At first I thought all my fit and flare dresses were fashion no-no's (some of them actually make my belly look bigger than it actually is) but I've come to realize that it just has to flare at the right point of my waist.  Thankfully so because I'd literally have nothing to wear otherwise!

In other news, my little baby girl started kicking a few days ago.  It's the most weird yet wonderful feeling!  I like to sit on the couch and drink ice cold water to make her move.  Although I might be annoying her, I seriously do it ALL.  THE.  TIME.  It is possible to annoy your child in utero?

Hope you're having a great Wednesday!




  1. Good on you for going out to new locations! These are gorgeous photos; that dress is really pretty on you.

  2. You're lovely in this candy dress ! You cannot be more fresh & pretty a huge pregnancy ! So sweet to think you can bother your little baby girl in utero :)

  3. So pretty! Lol you're killing me with the annoying her while she's in there thing.


  4. This is a lovely dress for the bump! And I can relate - some days I feel absolutely huge and other days aren't too bad. And yes, the kicking feelings are fun!

  5. You look really stunning in these pastel colors :) Your bag is super cute and matches perfectly too.

  6. That pink dress is beautiful on you! I can't imagine working 6 days a week, ack!

    The Tiny Heart

  7. This dress is sooo gorgeous on you, you look fantastic!! I love the colour and fit of it. Perfect with that mint bag!! I always want to go on photo adventures too but sometimes it's hard to fit that in the schedule. 6 days a week would kill me, I did it during the winter and it SUUUCKED

  8. Just wait until you feel Baby's hiccups! They are an ongoing little pace you feel of movements that are so adorable!! That was my favorite in pregnancy. You will REALLY feel huge once you hit the 30 week mark. . after that each week you feel fatter and fatter. I hope you won't have a chubby face like I got. . my nose grew fat too and it was so not pretty looking and I hated going out because of it (and looking back at my pregnancy pictures I see it was after the 30 week mark). Ugh. You however are a glamorous mom. I was not so when pregnant (I'd do things differently next time I get pregnant). Your dress here is so darling and makes you look like a princess! Your purple is coming through your hair too and looks really cute.

  9. That pretty colours on you.

    Too funny about the cold water making the baby kick.


  10. I absolutely love this dress and bag combo. Uber cute.

  11. Ohh Ashley, that dress is so lovely, and you look beautiful. Such a pretty location, too (and I also envy Jessica's innate ability to find amazing locales)!

    xox Sammi

  12. You look super-sweet in that outfit and I bet your little girl will love having such a glam mom!

  13. Aw, Ashley! You look absolutely stunning! What a gorgeous setting too--glad you took a little road trip to get these photos! And sorry to hear about work--but that day off sounds so worth it. Your baby girl is going to adore you (:

  14. Hi Ashley, you look so beautiful, love this girly dress, the colour is sublime. Thats such a rigorous work schedule, I am sure your Mondays are treasured.

  15. Lolol I didn't know the mother could bother the uterus, normally I hear the other way around. But congrats on this milestone! These colors look so beautiful on you :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  16. Love this outfit! The dress is so lovely, and looks great on you. It's very flattering. I love how you paired the pink in your dress and belt with your blue accessories.


  17. You've been rocking all the pregnancy outfits-- I honestly don't think you could pick a bad outfit.

    SO cute that the kicking started! I love that you're being so playful with her with the iced water. I wonder what makes her excited. This is probably a dumb question, but can she feel the temperature? Is that what excites her?


  18. I love how you paired the pink and blue, whenever I see your outfits I always just want to try out new colors and I have that necklace in purple so that got me pretty excited lol. I seriously said "AWWW" out loud when I read that about your baby girl, too cute!

  19. I love this dress and I also love that you adventured! I know adventuring takes a lot of time, but it's also a lot of fun. Also these colors look wonderful together and I'm still not over your hair. It's the perfect color.

  20. That dress is so wonderful! I love the color a lot and it looks so great on you! Aww, I'm so glad that you are feeling your little girl. So. Exciting!


  21. You look great in the dress! I always wonder how bloggers have the time to find really fun and new places to take photos. Maybe they don't work full time or maybe they're all just super adventurous.

    xoxo Jackie

  22. love the pastel color on you and your baby bump looks super cute

    Delightful Ideas
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  23. beautiful photo's Ashley and your dress is gorgeous. You are still so tiny too!
    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  24. You look so sweet and gorgeous! I love the colours!

    XX Red Sonja

  25. Haha the story about annoying your baby made me lol.

    My boyfriend works 12-16 hour hospital shifts and enjoys his days alone as well lol.

    I had no idea Deb was still around! There was one in my neighborhood in the early 90s and I loved it and it just disappeared one day. Your outfit is so cute!

    Life of Mabel

  26. YAY for baby's first kicks! How exciting!

    This dress is lovely and doesn't make you look huge at all. I don't think anything you've worn has made you look huge, but I'm sure it's a completely different feeling when it's actually your body. Once again, I think you've been doing a wonderful job.

    I also wish I had the motivation to scout locations like Jessica! This one looks great. Oh, also, about the whole swapping thing that you tweeted. You know what I realized I haven't worn in a long time and that I've been thinking about getting rid of? That green lace slip dress you borrowed. I don't know if you'd be able to wear it right now, but let me know if you'd be interested :)

  27. Gorgeous outfit, loving the dress with the mint bag :) You look fab as always
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  28. Love this pretty pastel outfit. You are so gorgeous!

    Xo, Hannah

  29. this outfit dress is looking very nice on you.

  30. You look so adorable! I love this color combo, it's very sweet. And the photo location looks great too!


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