Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's Not Over


I know everyone's blog posts these days are talking about the end of summer.  Thankfully, summer doesn't actually end here until October.  Which is probably why I'm so opposed to wearing pants, it's almost a crime to wear them when the weather is wonderful 90% of the time.  Here is another gem from Jessica's closet.  I loved how she styled this dress on her blog and I was excited/a little scared to try it out.  Since there is a definite height difference between us, this waistline hit above mine which allowed me to wear it without my belly trying to rip the seams.






Dress- Jessica's (Modcloth)
Shoes- Target
Flower crown- Forever 21
Accessories- Forever 21

The landscaping project in my backyard is still going!  The sprinklers are all in and working but we are still waiting for the grass.  It's kind of been a blessing in disguise because it forces me to take pictures outside of my property.  Although I feel like I've been having a hard time finding motivation to blog lately.  Anyone else ever feel like this?  I think I'm just terribly overwhelmed with work, house projects, baby projects, and a new chihuahua.  I'll be featuring my new rescue later this week!  And taking pictures of him is much more fun than taking them of myself :)



P.S. I've been featured on the Ruche blog again!  Make sure to check out their blogger post on pretty prints HERE!


  1. Ooh I love this dress on you! I've never seen a galaxy print paired with yellow before, it looks so striking!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  2. This dress is so gorgeous, I really love it on you!! I didn't even realize it had pockets and that makes it even more awesome. You look gorgeous with the floral headcrown too!
    I am not ready for summer to be over either :(

  3. You look so adorable in this dress :) Love the flower crown and yellow accessories too.

  4. That's such a great dress. Looks awesome on you!
    I definitely lack motivation to blog sometimes, but usually because I feel like the mundane stuff I do just isn't interesting enough to post about. Its definitely understandable that you feel overwhelmed, but if it makes you feel better, I really enjoy your blog! Your outfits are always adorable and you just look so perfectly put together, and your photos are great. I find it quite inspiring :)

  5. super cute dress and love seeing the bump!
    kw, Ladies in Navy

  6. I love this so much, that dress is awesome and it looks so good with the flower crown! Oh my gosh I'm so excited to see the new dog!!

  7. you look gorgeous! love the print and the belt really sets it off

  8. I am glad you're still blogging even though you're so overwhelmed. I hope you have an easier time finding the groove for everything. You look so beautiful in this dress, I just love it!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  9. Aw, Ashley! You're just gorgeous. Have I ever told you how much I LOVE your new hair color? Because it's stunning! That dress is so cool too and I love how you paired it with a pretty flower crown--so unexpected but stylish!

    We all get that sluggish blogging feeling every once in awhile--don't worry, it's completely normal and expected! Especially with all that's going on in your life. Don't feel bad if you have to take a break. I often disappear from the internet to recoup and refresh my motivation.

    Can't wait to see your rescue. You're the sweetest!

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  10. Oh you look just fantastic in this! Very flattering and it is fun to see how your style affects the look of the dress as opposed to Jessica's sometimes more rocker stylings :) That's what is so fun about remixes.

    Holy Moly though, you got a lot on your plate! Good luck and good on you for keepin' bloggin'.

  11. Of course it's not over till it's over ....& we can always wear our summer dresses & not think of the chilly weather yet! That's such a pretty the galactic prints so much!


  12. girl you looks GORGEOUS in Jessica's dress!! love the simple look w/ the pretty yellow crown. I def feel unmotivated to get out and take pics, but it's def the heat. It even almost hurts to hear you say you're glad for more of summer haha. I cannot wait for some cool weather! but anyway, hope everything keeps goes great w/ the new pups and your yard! : )
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  13. This dress is so incredibly cute on you! I really wish I had a dress like this. I love how perfect it looks with your baby belly! The yellow floral headband is super cute with it too.
    Also, I definitely understand summer not ending until October. Sometimes it's even later here! Though I'm kind of sad it's not because I get sick of summer clothes after only a couple months of it.

  14. I love this dress SO much!! And the colour of your hair is gorgeous :)

  15. That dress looks absolutely adorable on you! I can see how it would be a crime to wear pants when you can wear dresses like that. :) And that headband is perfect with it too.


  16. The dress is so gorgeous and I love how you added pops of yellow. Especially the headband, sooo gorgeous:) And yes! I've been feeling that way lately too. There's just so much going on outside of blogging that I've lost a little of my motivation too. But i'm sure we'll both get it back soon :)

  17. Adorable dress!!

  18. I love how you can still swap about all the clothes in Flock Together. You have serious styling skills to not be fussed by pregnancy in that way. And your garden looks really nice! Good luck with all the projects.

  19. I thought summer ended September 21st?
    That's how I always learned anyway. I think a lot of people associate summer ending when school starts up which is silly to me.
    You are soooo pretty! I'm glad you can still fit in the clothes and make them look beautiful and unstretched!

  20. Summer is far from over in my opinion!!

    The print on this dress is so neat! And it does hit you just right for your bump!

    I hear you on losing motivation at times. I'm getting mine back though so hopefully you will too. And I can't wait to see the puppy!

  21. I absolutely adoreee this dress! And such a pretty print!

  22. I'm determined to cherish every last bit of summer, and I'm with you- I don't want to treat it as though it's going to end! I love your dress, the print is fabulous!

    Xo, Hannah

  23. I'm going through lack of inspiration for my blog right now too. I just feel a little stuck at the moment.

    I love your dress though. The pattern is so great, & with that flower crown & bow belt. Awesome.

    Flounces & Hubbub

  24. I'm not really a big fan of the whole galaxy print thing, but the one on this dress is really pretty! plus a good bow belt makes everything better, right? :)

  25. Congratulations on the feature on the Ruche blog! I love their clothes, but haven't ordered because I'm still nervous about buying clothing without trying it on. Maybe I should get over that?

    I'm SO not ready for summer to be over yet either. It doesn't help that I hate the winter and live in Canada, but these posts with fall clothes are bumming me out.

    Super cute dress btw :)

    xoxo Jackie

  26. You look adorable in that galaxy dress and flower crown. I tried a flower crown once, but I got laughed at by my siblings. Heehee. Guess I couldn't pull it off.


  27. Absolutely love this dress! It's perfect for this time of year when there are meteor showers. And I love how you paired it with a pretty flower headband which is the perfect contrast.
    H&K, Olivia

  28. very nice article and u look so adorable in this dress.

  29. This dress looks INCREDIBLE on you, Ashley! I just love that floral crown with it too, it's such a fun mix with the galaxy print. You look gorgeous!

    Haha now that I've moved, I don't think summer ever really ends in SoCal! :P

    Congrats on making it onto the Ruche blog again!

  30. I loved how Jessica styled this dress on her blog, and it looks wonderful on you!! I love the yellow belt and flower crown! You look absolutely ethereal. :) You're so lucky that summer doesn't end for so long! I feel like we've only had maybe 2 solid weeks of REAL summer, and now it's ending!

    xox Sammi

  31. Love galaxy print so much and it looks especially incredible with yellow.

  32. Lucky you, being able to get your little belly in there! I never really got into this trend unfortunately, but you look great in a galaxy print. I love it with your hair.

    xo Ashley

  33. This dress looks so wonderful on you. I am not a yellow gal so I never would've thought to pair it with yellow, but I totally LOVE it. Also you finally got a floral crown. Floral + galaxy = dream.

  34. :O I LOVE the yellow floral crown! I really like these pictures! Galaxy dresses are just too awesome :3


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