Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Engagement Story

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who expressed their congratulations and well wishes.  I'm really excited and I can't wait until April (or May) when I become a married woman!  Many of you are asking for my engagement story so I'll give you a rundown after the jump :)

Top- Forever 21
Skirt- H&M
Shoes- Zara
Clutch- Betsey Johnson

It was our last day in Kona and we were meeting a friend for a drink before our "special dinner".  When the time came, we walked to the lobby of the hotel and I waited until a staff member directed us to a golf cart.  He took us on a ride to the beach where there was one solitary table on the beach.  Of course I asked Kevin if that was our table.  And yes, it was!

Apparently Kevin had pre selected our menu with my favorite dishes!  I had an amazing caprese salad as an appetizer and lobster pasta for an entree.  While we enjoyed our dinner and our wine we had the pleasure of watching the sunset while our waiter made sure to take a bunch of pictures.  In the darkness (except for a few tiki torches)  the waiter asked Kevin if we were ready for dessert.  Of course, he said yes.

When my mystery dessert arrived it had a nice message written in chocolate on the plate.  "Will you marry me?"  I was completely shocked!  When I looked over at Kevin he was already on one knee with the ring.  I honestly don't even know if I even said yes!  I even asked him if I could put it on!  It was an amazing moment and even now it's still crazy to me.

It's weird wearing jewelry to bed (I never wear any jewelry when I get home) and especially to work.  It's weird that I have a fiance now.  Oh, and it's totally weird having to plan this event.  It all feels so fast, even if it was two and a half years in the making :)




  1. Omg, what a rock! Congratulations. That's a very sweet engagement story. Best wishes for the two of you! Hope your wedding is magical :)

    xo, Adriana.

  2. awwww how creative and romantic!!! Congratulations!!! Wishing you two many beautiful years together = )


    Chymere Anais

  3. Congrats girl! What a romantic engagement and such a pretty ring! Hope your wedding and marriage are everything you've always wanted!!


  4. What a lovely engagement story - such a beautiful setting! And wowsa lady - LOOK at the gorgeous :)

    The Other Side of Gray

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  6. i saw your ring on instagram! congrats girl so happy for u!


  7. Not only an incredibly beautiful outfit, but an even more incredibly beautiful & romantic engagement story! Congrats & best wishes Ashley! The ring is stunning :)

    xo Marisa

  8. Aaaaw, I really enjoyed reading your story. I am so happy for you and your future husband.

    Btw, you look smoking hot in the red/blue outfit! ;)

    Love, Mary ♡ Fashionbirds

  9. first, I love this outfit. I'm so nervous to pair primary colors together, but this is beautiful.

    Second, despite seeing all the pictures already, this was the sweetest story and I can totally feel your happiness through your words! I can't wait to see what kind of dream wedding you come up with. And that Kevin sounds like a wonderful man!

  10. your ring is super pretty - and CONGRATS! the dress you wore is beautiful. i love that he did this. sounds awesome.

    and i LOVE the red and blue outfit on you so cute

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  11. Congratulations Ashley! Your ring is gorgeous! You have the same setting as me :) Such a sweet proposal must've been so romantic!

    The Tiny Heart
    1000 Followers Giveaway Extravaganza!

  12. Okay yep! you have me teary eyed as I read this in my cubical that is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Congrats girl!


  13. Oh my goodness this melted my heart! My parents have a condo in Kona so it is near and dear to my heart! The little table setup is SO beautiful! Your navy and red outfit is also amazing, and I know I don't know you well, but I am seriously so happy for you!!! Thanks for sharing your story :)
    xo Hannah

  14. Congratulations Ashley. Looks like he went all out for his proposal. Pretty cool and i enjoyed reading your story. Glad to see that you are very happy. Its always nice to see old friends that are doing well. Best of luck to you both!!!

    Michael Shea

  15. What a great and romantic moment! I always sleep with my engagement ring (since October 20th of 2011! <3 ) Now I’m getting married on December! Enjoy every single moment of the engagement! Best of luck with the wedding planning!

    PS: Love your red and navy outfit, especially the shoes!

  16. Congratulations! That is such a sweet story! What a great guy.

  17. What a great story Ashley So Happy for you and Kevin!! Congratulations!! Again!! Lisa Wells

  18. That is such a sweet story! I love your ring. Congratulations :)

  19. What a sweet story! Good man to have it so planned out! He's a keeper!

  20. Congratulations and your outfit is gorgeous!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  21. That is so so so wonderful!!! Congratulations to you both! May you have a happy engagement and marriage! ^_^

  22. Very beautiful, my love!

    Feel free to follow me via gfc and I will be happy to do the same for you!

    Happy weekend,

  23. Your ring is spectacular - congrats, girl!
    (BTW, you look like a red-headed Katy Perry in your pics - I adore this outfit!)

  24. Wow, what a great story! And such a beautiful ring!
    My dear, I am so so happy for you. You totally deserve all happiness and luck.
    Hope you will keep us posted on all organizational progress!
    Congratulations again! you are the most beautiful couple!


  25. that's so wonderful there was someone there to take pictures, we don't have any from the engagement and I wish we did. he planed it out so well though and sounds like it an amazing evening! A huge congrats to you (again : ) and yay, so excited for you two!

  26. CONGRATS!!! (And by the way, I am just loving on those red peeptoed pumps you got goin on.


  27. Congratulations Ashley! This is such a sweet engagement story, the proposal was so well planned. It's like the perfect setting with the sunset and the beach and the food....ahhh amazing :) I am so happy for you! And this outfit is so beautiful, I really like that bright ruffle skirt and those wedges!

  28. Awwww love your glow of a woman truly in love....that outfit all the more emphasized it!!


  29. Gorgeous outfit!

  30. Congrats, I am so happy for you!! What a sweet story and a gorgeous ring! Enjoy the planning process, it flies by! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee


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