Monday, October 8, 2012

Guest Post: Of Corgis and Cocktails

Hello everyone!  For those who don't know, I'm away on a week long vacation in Kona, Hawaii.  I didn't want to leave my blog unattended all week so I had some of my favorite fellow bloggers fill in for me.  These girls are the absolute sweetest and I appreciate them taking time off their blog for mine :)

Katherine and her blog Of Corgis and Cocktails is one of my favorite reads.  She always has great stories, amazing printed dresses (seriously), and two cute adopted pups.  I am more than excited to have her as my blogging guest and I hope you enjoy her Hawaii themed post as much as I do!

Hi, I'm Katherine, and I blog at Of Corgis & Cocktails where I like to wear cute clothing, make a lot of recipes, and talk about my dog every now and then. That's me up there last year in Hawaii, back when I had long hair and no blog. When Ashley asked me to do a Hawaii themed post I was super excited - visiting Hawaii was an amazing experience and I am anxious to go back. When my husband and I do go back, here are some of the foods we will be tracking down and eating again.

one. get a pineapple
Seriously. you need this. I suggest trying to buy one at a local market if possible and getting them to cut it for you. It was the best thing we did.

two. hawaiian shaved ice!
Mmm!! We tried out Uluani's Shaved Ice in Kahului. It was delicious - I got mine topped with Li King powder - a dried plum powder that was tangy and salty and unlike anything I had ever had before. I personally love it.

three. pineapple juice.
I didn't think this was a big deal, until I drank it. It was amazing. I still haven't found one as good as this one. I regret only drinking one during our week there.

four. banana bread.
Ah. Again, here I am typing this drooling and wishing I were eating this. There are many local banana bread stands to try out - we ended up at a small place called Aunt Sandy's as it was a scheduled stop on our tour bus for the Road to Hana. While I suggest the banana bread, I urge you to not ride around on a tour bus (or a car because all the cars seem to hit things or forget road rules except locals) for 9 hours on the road to Hana. My husband and I chalked that up to the worst vacation experience ever.

five. kona brewing co. 
If on Kona, I cannot stress enough how you need to visit the Kona Brewing Company. They have beers on draft there that are only available at this location - like the Hula Hefeweizen - which was my favorite beer ever.

Some other delicious treats on our trip included macadamia nuts (my husband is allergic so I took some home to eat later), kalua pig, and many coconut treats (again, my husband is allergic, so I only had one or two things). The food is really amazing in Hawaii and there is a lot to experience - next time I will stay inland and not do a cruise ship so I can really get a feel for all the food. Here's to hoping Ashley has an amazing time (she will!) and gets to try lots of yummy local foods.
morning shores of maui


  1. aww. this only makes me want to go on long vacation.


  2. thanks for having me ashley! now i really want banana bread....i'm making myself hungry lol

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  3. i subscribe to katherine and she is awesome! this post looks so good! hahahaha i love banana bread too!

  4. That shaved ice looks so delicious!!!


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