Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Guest Post: The Midwest Muse

If you guys don't know already, Jessica from Midwest Muse is pretty much the sweetest, most stylish girl in Ohio.  I 'm always in awe of her outfits (and the backgrounds she shoots them in) and I love reading about her life as a student.  Oh, and did I mention she has amazing taste in music?  Yeah, she does.  I can't thank her enough for taking time out of her schedule to do a guest post for me.  So please enjoy!

Hello Southern (California) Belle readers!

I'm Jessica from Midwest Muse.

I was born and raised in the lovely Akron, Ohio -- all the way in the midwest. It's not the coolest place in the world, but it's definitely interesting. It's the home of the Black Keys, Lebron James, and um, rubber. Yup, that's Akron in a nutshell. So yeah, this dress, this dress was recently purchased from a very lovely Akron based boutique called Noto which is also one of my favorite local spots.

Everyone always talks about the classic black dress and you know what? This was the first black dress I've ever bought. I prefer bright dresses to pair my black accessories with, but this one is pretty special. The back buttons, zips, has cut outs, and is incredibly thick and perfect for all sorts of occasions.

Ashley's a classy lady, so I figured I better wear a pretty classy dress on her blog. It would've been more fancy if I could wear heels, but I'm still fighting a sprained ankle.

Anyways, I hope this holds you over while Ashley's away. Until next time!

Cardigan-Nicole Miller (Thrifted)
Headband-American Apparel


  1. Oh how fun that you guys are blogging for each other! Ashley I hope you're enjoying your sunny Hawaiian holiday!!

  2. you're a doll! love your dress and sweater. i have family in cincinnati, ohio.

  3. I love the black dress, Jessica!

  4. So cute. I love that black dress! headed over to your blog to check it out!


  5. this is the dress! that's totally why i love it. now i realllyyy want it in redd... it's totally an adorable shape

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  6. I want to see the back of this dress!;)


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