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Guest Post: A Lovely Little Blog

Hi everyone!  I'm still relaxing in Hawaii but I'd love for you to get to know Lyndsey from A Lovely Little Blog.  I read (and use) her recipes for masks and her beauty tips are always helpful.  I hope you enjoy her post on how to keep your face and hair looking their best!

Hi Lovelies!

My name is Lyndsey and I write a lovely little blog ( I was so honored when Ashley asked me to guest post on her blog because I am so smitten with her and everything she does (and wears)! While I do love fashion like Ashley, I asked her if she wouldn't mind me posting about something that was a little more my expertise, beauty! She seemed sold on the idea so off I went on preparing this lovely little guest post on what I do and know best. For those of you who are unfamiliar with my blog and myself let me just give you a quick little rundown on all things lovely; I am a true beauty junkie through and through and love learning and experimenting with everything from polish, to primers, to moisturizers, and everything in between. Every Monday with my followers on my Facebook page ( and Twitter ( I do something called Mask Monday, where I share what weekly face and hair mask I am using, and they share with me too.

I am always surprised that more women (and men) don't do weekly or even monthly face and hair treatments, so it's a great way to remind myself and my followers to give your goods a tune-up.

Just like getting your hair trimmed to keep it healthy, or getting an oil change to keep an engine clean, or tuning a piano to keep it smooth, your face, hair, feet, hands, and body need special attention and treatment too! Why? Because we heat out hair with irons and dryers, pull it up in pony tails, brush it, and spray it with hair sprays. We put on foundation, forget sunscreen, touch our face, and sometimes even forget to wash our face. Treating your body to a weekly treatment can help correct and prevent all that damage. For me Monday is my "chill" day where I usually stay in and relax so it was the perfect night for me to paper myself (plus Mask Monday was pretty catchy too), but you can do it whatever night works best for you. Maybe is Tune-Up Tuesday, or Sexy Sunday, or Fresh Friday, whatever it is just make it a weekly tradition to pamper yourself (not to mention it will do your soul good too).

Doing #maskmonday for more than a year now has really allowed me to try so many different brands and products, and I want to share my favorites with all of you! I like to switch mine up but I definitely have my "go-to" stash. I picked my favorite "save" and "splurge" for each as well as my favorite at home recipe.

I am sure most of you know about Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle. It's won countless beauty awards and it a drugstore classic, plus it wont break the bank. - CVS, Walgreens, Ulta, Grocery Store.
Amika is an amazing brand that most people haven't heard of, but I'm letting you in on a secret here. This tub is pricey at $40 but it is BIG. I have long hair, use this a few times a month and have had mine for about a year now. It is totally worth every last penny. - Birchbox, LoveAmika, Folica.

Both of these masks are my favorites and will make your hair look and feel great.

Hair Mask Tips:
Follow the instructions, if it says 3 minutes then only do 3 minutes. If it says 10, then do 10. The most common mistake people make is thinking the longer they leave the mask on the healthier thier hair will look, but many times with very thick or rich masks, even that extra minute will totally weigh down your hair and could make it look greasy.

Always rinse out conditioner and masks with cool water, never hot or warm. Cool water seals the cuticle and locks in all the good stuff you just put on it!

Try your mask 3 times before ruling it out. Sometimes it just takes your hair some time to get used to certain treatments.

I have tried quite a few DIY masks in my time, but these ingredients are my favorite. The good thing is you can skip one, two, or even three of them if you don't have them. All of these are great on your hair solo, so don't worry if you don't have all these handy at all times. The other great thing is there is really no concrete recipe, just have fun and mix till its a consistency you like! I usually do a about a tablespoon of the oil, half the avocado, one egg, and a whole banana all mushed up together. The general rule of thumb for at home masks (unless they include things like baking soda) is 10 minutes. Rinse out with cool water and enjoy! Keep in mind at home masks might leave your hair feeling greasy or filmy but this is normal. Just plan on using them when you don't have plans to go out until washing your hair regularly again.

Formula 10.0.6 is another brand that is kind of under the radar, but it is an amazing brand with amazing products. This Deep Down Detox will really clean out your pores and make your skin feel fresh, without feeling tight and dry. - Walgreens + Ulta
This Ahava purifying face mask is truly a holy grail of face masks. Afterwards your skin will feel clean, soft, and bright! Over time you will see a dramatic difference in your pores. - Ulta, Ahava, Birchbox.

I personally like Mud Masks best so that is why I chose these, but there are so many different type of masks for so many different types of issues. I also rotate a "peel" into my #maskmonday routine as well, this is my favorite peel (

Face Mask Tips:
Same as with the hair mask, follow the instructions. If it says 3 minutes, do 3 and if it says 10, do 10. The times were tested and picked for a reason.

Rinse off face masks with warm water, and a wash cloth. Always finish with a basic moisturizer, I love this one (

Before ever applying to your face do a "patch test" on the inside of your wrist. Typically if there is no reaction there, your face should also be ok.

Keep in mind some face masks are meant to tingle, or bring blood to the surface and until your skin is used to this it might not always be enjoyable. However if it ever hurts or burns, take it off immediately with cool water.

Same as with the hair mask, I just love these ingredients on my skin. You don't have to use Greek Yogurt but I swear my skin looks better and is smoother when I do. Either way you'll want to make sure whatever yogurt you do use, that it is plain (not vanilla). Same thing goes for the oatmeal, no flavors. I usually warm about 2 tablespoons of honey, mix it into a personal to-go size yogurt (6oz), and then add it oatmeal till it looks ready. Again you don'e need to have all three of these things, and you can just play around with it until you like the consistency. Again general rule of thumb is 10 minutes and rinse off with warm water. I would also do a "patch test" for DIY face masks as well, just to be safe.

So that pretty much wraps it up! I hope you lovelies enjoyed my favorites, my recipes, and pointers. Don't be afraid to pamper other areas too on your paper night, like feet, hands, eyes, etc. Of course I would love for you lovelies to follow me on Facebook (, Twitter (, or my blog ( so you can join in on Mask Mondays with me, and share what products you're using (use #maskmonday). I always love getting new suggestions, so maybe I will hear from you soon!

Thanks to Ashley for asking me to guest post, and than you to her lovely readers for reading!!

xoxo, Lyndsey


  1. I just love your remedies in regards to hair, the best strategies one can ever consider for the best hair care...

  2. Lynds is the queen of beauty info!! Love it. I can't wait to try one, thank you for sharing!

  3. I use a face scrub that is oatmeal and honey and it feels like a dreamy breakfast on my face. Never thought to do it myself.

    Lyndsey really is my beauty go to girl. So naturally, I love this!


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