Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer Lover

Yesterday was kind of crazy so I'm very excited that it is officially the weekend!  I'm determined to do something out of my comfort zone.  My fellow blogger Sharon made a list of summer to-dos which inspired me to do the same.

Dress- Forever 21
Shoes- Jessica Simpson
Belt- Target
Bracelet- Betsey Johnson
Wallet- Urban Outfitters

Much like Sharon's list, I would also like to go to the beach.  I have not done that ONCE this summer.  It's pretty sad considering I'm just a short car ride away from the beach.  The sweltering heat here in the valley just means that the beach weather is that much more perfect!  Plus I need to get good use of my bikini :)

One thing I've definitely taken advantage of is the amazing summer fruits available.  I'll admit, I like vegetables much more than I like fruit, but I feel like I need to eat more strawberries (there was a huge basket in my fridge that went ignored and then bad), watermelon, and honeydew.  I can also say that I haven't had a fruit salad at all this summer either... Lame!

I would also like to spend some more time with my friends.  My busy work schedule often makes me a real homebody.  Any time away from work is usually spent with my chihuahuas in front of the tv.  It's a real bad habit and I need to get myself out there more often.

Do you have any summer to-dos?  I'd love to hear them!



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