Monday, August 6, 2012

Pendulous Threads


 Dress- Topshop (currently 50% off!)
Shoes- Lulu's
Bag- Ruche
Accessories- Forever 21

I think I waited a good month for this dress to come in.  It was well worth the wait though!  Unfortunately, Topshop hasn't opened a store in Los Angeles yet, so I either have to drive to Vegas or order online.  Which do you think is easier?  I think they're both pretty inconvenient, but I do enjoy getting packages in the mail :).

Speaking of mail, I just got this Ruche purse in the mail today.  Boy was I surprised!  I love the color and the gold accents really make it pop.  I should have shown you the lining of the purse too because it's so pretty!  Is it just me or do you think the lining of a purse or jacket is just as important?

Anyway, hope you guys are enjoying your Monday.  I'm waiting for one of my chihuahuas to get out of the vet.  He had a dental procedure that was so severe that he had to be put under anesthesia.  As someone who sees people going under for a living, I should be used to it.  It just freaks me out because little Paczki is only four pounds.  I'm just a worried mama!



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