Friday, June 8, 2012

Made in the USA

 Top- H&M
Shorts- Angl (old)
Shoes- Go Jane
Clutch- Vintage
Ring- Forever 21

The minute my friend Jill posted these shoes on her Instagram I knew I needed them!  Considering they were only 35 dollars, it didn't take much convincing to guilt myself into buying them.  I love the print so much and I am attracted to anything with a t-strap and a platform.  I really wanted to do a "modern pinup" feel, so I wore some high waist khaki shorts with a loose top.  If I'm showing some leg (which is rare) I cover up everything else!

I consider myself privileged to live in the United States (let alone southern California) because my mother and her family immigrated here from Argentina when she was a girl.  While Argentina is gorgeous, it doesn't offer the opportunities that this country does.  I am very proud to be a first generation born American and I'm very proud of my Argentinian roots on both sides of my family :)

Hope you have a great weekend!  And if you haven't voted for me on Tulle's stylist competition, please do it HERE!



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