Monday, June 4, 2012

All the pretty birds

 Hat- H&M
Top- Target
Skirt- Threadsence
Shoes- Zara
Bag- Urban Outfitters
Ring- Forever 21

This post today is the first time I'm showing you my everyday purse.  While it's cute and practical, it's VERY oversized and usually consumes any photo.  I have everything I could ever need in there and, of course, I have to carry it around with me at all times.  

This hat is special to me because my boyfriend picked it out for me a few months back.  He's not exactly the most fashionable person out of the two of us (but he sure can kill a spider and put me to shame in the house cleaning department) but he definitely has his moments :).

I'm shaking off another busy weekend.  We had to go to Universal Studios again, the new Transformers ride is awesome and I need to get full use of my season pass.  It's pretty much a very short drive or a long walk from my place so I think it's this years' summer hangout.  You would never guess that I'm 28, right?

Hope you have an amazing week!



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