Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Memory Lane

Jumper- Urban Outfitters
Chiffon cardigan- Forever 21
Shoes- Target
Jewelry- Forever 21

Have you ever had a particular article of clothing bring back memories?  This outfit actually has a pretty cute memory attached to it.  Over two years ago I was going on a second date with an ex boyfriend.  While we hadn't dated in a pretty long time, we kept in touch (when he wasn't working in another country) and always had a lot of fun together.  This particular day my ex decided to take me to a Dodger game (sorry if I offend anyone but I haaaaate baseball!).  I was more than happy to go though because I was pretty excited to see him again :)

As it turns out, even in May wearing a jumper in LA was a bad choice.  I was freezing most of the night!  My date gladly sacrificed his button down shirt, and while it helped, we got out of there pretty early.  I kind of laugh when I think about it now because we both dislike baseball.  We had great seats, Blue Moons, and made fun of how boring the game was the entire time.  I guess we bonded over the humor of the situation?

Anyway, that was the second of many other dates.  He's now the love of my life, roommate (lol), father to our two chihuahuas, and the best boyfriend I could ask for.  And it all started with my blue jumper... Okay I'm totally kidding, but it was a great outfit at the start of our lovely relationship.



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