Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pearls and Lace

 Dress- Zara
Tights- HUE
Shoes- Lulu's
Bracelets- Forever 21
Ring- Forever 21
Watch- Gift
Clutch- Vintage

I think I go through stages when it comes to jewelry.  Sometimes I like to go overboard and accessorize, other times I like to let my clothing make the statement.  Today I guess I felt like going jewelry crazy!  I think pearls are very classic and feminine.  I love to add them to an already girly outfit, much like this dress.  Zara really knows my style, so the minute I saw the lace hemline I knew I had to get it!

I can't end this post without talking about my vintage beaded clutch.  It's so pretty and delicate, it's probably why I never let it out of my closet :).  Hope you're having a great week!




  1. I love the print of your dress and the clutch is gorgeous, your outfit is so pretty :)

  2. I was in love with the first photo and then I kept scrolling and fell more in love because those shoes were a surprising color choice and I love it. And yes, your accessories are amazing! I also I also love how vintage that dress looks. It's a great fit and shape

  3. You look absolutely amazing!!! Love everything!! That dress is simply gorgeous and I love your matching belt and shoes!!!

    Kisses, Lucy:)


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