Saturday, March 31, 2012


Dress- Toggery c/o Swirl
Tights- H&M
Heels- Steve Madden
Clutch- Betsey Johnson
Necklace- Forever 21

I was actually much more interested in staying in pajamas today (fighting off a terrible cold at the moment) but I felt the need to show you my new hair... Or lack thereof!  My long hair is now gone and I've traded it for some pretty awesome ombre.  My hairstylist Matt is a genius!  While I miss hiding behind my mounds of hair, I think this is a nice change.
I love this dress so much.  It's ridiculously comfortable and really easy to accessorize.  I went with gold accents and my purple platform heels to help the outfit stand out.  Since the dress is shorter and I'm not one to show much of a bare leg, I added my staple black tights for peace of mind and warmth.  What do you think? 

Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend!  I'll be home snuggling with my chihuahuas and nursing myself back to health :)




  1. I am in love with that ombre hair, always wanted to have if, unfortunately I am blonde :X

  2. great outfit, LOVE your heels! :)

  3. Your haircut looks great! Also, LOVE the purple heels with the outfit, they look amazing!

  4. Your hair is so amazing! I would have cried if I were you!

    1. Hahaha! Yeah, it's weird but it's also hair. It will grow back!

  5. your new haircut looks gorgeous hon :) sometimes it's such a relief getting rid of all that extra baggage around your neck!

  6. Your new hair looks amazing, I LOVE it! Getting a hair cut is sooo fun :) Also, I love the pop of color from the purple heels, great outfit :)

  7. Wish you a lovely day sweetie!:X

  8. Gosh that is gorgeous! I am inspired to go shopping!

  9. Love the black dress with those fabulous purple heels! And your hair looks great :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. I love everything about this outfit. The dress is gorgeous, and the pop of color in the shoes is inspired!
    Your hair looks great!!


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