Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Makeup How To: Turning your unwanted makeup shades into new ones!

 It happens to everyone.  You buy a lipstick shade thinking it's going to look fantastic... And then it doesn't.  It looks horrible and probably ends up in the makeup graveyard (I have one).  I'm not one to return used makeup (buyer beware on my part) and I'd rather not waste it so I've come up with a way to blend different lipsticks so get use of them all: The good, bad, and ugly.

Here are two examples I'm going to show you with three different products:

#1- Covergirl Lip Perfection in Temptation.  I thought an orange hue would look nice on me.  Thought.
#2-  Urban Decay Super Saturated Lip Color in Crush.  I don't know how much I can blog about how much I love this line, but the Crush color can sometimes be too vibrant for certain events.
#3- Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick in Agatha.  I absolutely hated this lipstick because it in no way moisturized my lips.  It would have looked lovely if it didn't make my lips look chapped.

Okay, so the first example is the Covergirl hue.  I feel like it made me look washed out.  Here is evidence:

I then added the Kat Von D on top and here are the results:

I like this color much better!  It still has a coral color without making me look pale.

So my second example is taking a color I very much love but muting it down for a more everyday wear.  Here is the Urban Decay color alone:

And here it is with the Kat Von D color applied on top:

While this color is still vibrant, it can be used for any occasion.

There you have it!  I've turned my makeup mistakes into everyday wear.  They way you choose to blend your lip colors together is totally up to you.  Some like to mix it together before applying, I like to put the base on first and then add the lighter color on top.  Both ways work great and this little trick will either minimize or completely eliminate your makeup graveyard.  

What kind of makeup tricks are you using this season?



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