Monday, March 5, 2012

Makeup Review: Anastasia Brow Gel

I think it's no surprise that I love makeup.  I may not do crazy eye makeup, but I love the idea of perfecting the look of a natural face (I never really looked great with heavy makeup anyway).  I usually buy all my products from Sephora.  Not only do they carry a bunch of popular brands, but they offer a great rewards program as well.  A few weeks ago I turned in my "points" for a nice grab bag of products I've never really thought of trying before, one of them being brow gel.

Don't know what brow gel is?  Neither did I!  Basically it's hair spray for your eyebrows.  My brows are naturally pretty thin, but they tend to get out of place really easily.  The applicator is much like a mascara wand that you brush over your brows in the direction you'd like them to go.  After a few minutes they dry and they stay in place all day.

I really love this stuff!  It has very quickly become a part of my makeup routine.  I no longer have to worry if my brows look patchy halfway though my day.  And if you like to use brow pencil, Anastasia brow gel will not erase your work :)

Have any new product discoveries?  I'd love to hear them!



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