Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Bouquet

Heart of Haute Mercedes dress in Bouquet Print

Have you ever felt like a certain dress/style represents you?  I tend to dabble in a lot of different styles (I have an inner goth that likes to make appearances from time to time), but a nice fit and flare dress with a colorful print really speaks to me.  My closet is slowly starting to accumulate some solids, but it's basically like an explosion of prints and color in there.  Heart of Haute dresses really "get" me and this Mercedes dress is no exception!

Heart of Haute Mercedes dress in Bouquet Print

Heart of Haute Mercedes dress in Bouquet Print

Heart of Haute Mercedes dress in Bouquet Print

Heart of Haute Mercedes dress in Bouquet Print

Heart of Haute Mercedes dress in Bouquet Print

Dress- c/o Heart of Haute
Shoes- c/o Bettie Page
Underskirt- Pinup Girl Clothing
Earrings- Betsey Johnson
Bracelet- Swarovski
Brooch- c/o Tangerine Menagerie
Lipstick - Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in Dollhouse

The Mercedes dress is somewhat of a new style and I am all about it!  Like a distant cousin of the Monique dress, but with a full swing skirt and a back zip so it's incredibly easy to put on.  I normally wear a nice fluffy petticoat with this style, but I thought I'd pair it with my canvas underskirt to show how it falls with less volume.  This dress is 100% cotton which means it's approved for the summer heat and really comfortable to wear all day.  I'm typically a size small in their clothing and this dress is a great fit.  Nice and fitted in the bust and maybe a little roomy in the waist, but the slide belt allows me to cinch it to fit perfectly.  As always, Heart of Haute clothing is made in the USA.  Make sure to check out their new website and use the code "haute10" for 10% off!




  1. This is so dreamy! Your new hair color looks amazing with this dress, too. <3 I'll have to figure out how not to pale in comparison in the same dress! ;)

    xox Sammi

  2. That dress! So pretty, and it works so well with your haircolor! (Which I LOVE, by the way!) The fit looks really nice, too, and the fact that it's 100% cotton? I'd definitely be sold! This whole look is just perfect.

  3. I've been eyeballing this for awhile too. I love the colors and pattern but I feel like I have so much in this type of palette (which I stash away during fall and winter). But those flowers!

  4. WHOA! You couldn't be more stunning!
    I always love your looks, pretty lady!

    ♥ Happy Friday! ♥


  5. Just wrote about this on my blog - I sewed a dress that I just felt was SO ME. It was really gratifying and fun. Sometimes I find it hard to put my own style/taste into words, but when you see something that's right, you just KNOW.


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